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2014 - 2015

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To gain understanding of my tour, I have found some maps. This is a rough plan, and things are likely to change along as I go. In addition, I made a loop through Bhutan , Bangladesh and northern India, located quite close in eastern India.

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Nepal   Bhutan Bangladesh India Nepal Denmark

The main purpose is to find and inspect wild plants. They are scatted all over the southern part of the country, and I will be look for them on the tour, which will bring me from one hot-spot to another. Along the route, some other sights of interest are found. There is a list of those below the maps.

Only 147.181 square kilometres; roughly 200 times 800 kilometres - as the Himalayan Monal flies. Significantly longer by road! But only the southern part is truly green and interesting for me.

I'll be focusing on the green and brown areas with its conifers, hardwood, and shrub in subtropical and tropical areas along with the temperate.

THE PLAN FOR NEPAL - MK I  (the one in bold is what I actually experienced, strike through; not)
Location Why
Karma Travellers Home  
Durbar Square  
Asan Tole  
Indra Chowk Central square, architecture, temples
Bhimsen Tower 62 m outlook
Itum Bahal Food market
Seto Machhendranth Temple Square, temple, cloth market
Karma Travellers Home Temple square
Bus Kathmandu - Narayangarh 4H  
Bus to Sauraba 1H?  
SAURABA city; Safari Club 3 nights
CHITWAN NP. Walks p 227 Awesome! Rhinos ie
Bus to Bharatpur/Narayangadh 45M?  
Bus to Mulgin 1H?  
Manakamana Cable Car View, temple, nature
Bus to Gorkhá 1H?  
Gorkha hotel?  
GORKHA  Nice city, palace, hikes
Bandipur Village Resort  
BANDIPUR Nice authentic village
Thani Mai Temple 380 dg view, nature
Bus to Pokhara 3H  
Hotel Simrik  
Phewa Tal Lake Nature
Old town  
Seti River Gorge Nature
Devi's Fall Nature
World Peace Pagoda Hike 2 hours
Hotel Simrik  
Siddhartha Highway: Sunauli-Pokhara Great views via Tansen city
TANSEN Along the road, Great walks
Ranighat Durbar Not worth the effort - I think "Taj Mahal of Nepal" or a henhouse...
Walks around Tansen Nature
Hotel Indreni  
Bus Butwal 2,5H Lumbini 1H  
Maya Devi Temple Birthplace of Buddha
Mahima Guest House  
Bus Lumbini - Bharatpur - Khatmandu 10H  
PATAN The Hungry Treat Home  
Phraping why not? Nature around
Dakshinkali Blood offers to Kali, nature
Dollu Tempe, nature
Champagaon was way out of the track Temples, nature, birds + Lele Valley
Sleep in The Hungry Treat Home Bus 45min  
The Hungry Treat Home  
Durbar Square Many temples
Patan Museum "Finest collection of religious art in Asia"
North of D.Sq.: Kwa Bahal Temple (golden) Stone work, tortoises, 
Kumbeshwar Temple Eye catching...
Godavari Royal BG
Godavari Kunda Forest Nature
Pulchowki Mountain 6 hour trail
Sleep in The Hungry Treat Home Bus 45min  
BHAKTAPUR Preserved old city
Taumadhi Tole Tallest temple
Erotic Elephants Temple Couldn't find them why not?
Ugrachandu & Bharirab statues "Magnificent"
Golden Gate "Don't miss"
Potter's Square Market
Sleep in Ganesh Guest house  
Around Bhaktapur  
Changu Narayan Temple  Bus 30 min Fine art
Bus/taxi to Pashupatinath 20 km, 1H?  
PASHUPATINATH River, Cremation Ghats
P: Bachareshwari Temple Old temple, human sacrifices? 
P: Vishwarup Temple 50 shrines, archeologically site, stunning! Nature
Sleep Bodhnath  
BODHANATH Largest Stubha in Asia, Buddhists
Ka-Nying Sheldrup Ling Gompa Buddhist Monastery, garden
Gokarna Mahadev Temple Stone carvings, forest reserve
Taxi to Budhanilkantha  
Budhanilkantha Secret place, awesome statue, nature
Shivapuri Nagarjun NP Orchids, 177 birds,
Swayambhunath by UNICCO site, Stupa, Budd temple, views, nature
Karma Travellers Home  
Nagarjun Hill NP Nature, 2095m view
Karma Travellers Home  
Nagarkot Mountain views, nature
Manala resort  
Hike in the area Mountain views, nature
Manala resort  
Trail to Panauti Rain meant; Bus Cosy city
Walks in and outside town Cosy city
Hotel Panauti  
Garden of Dreams Garden
Karma Travellers Home  
BHUTAN 6/1 2015
BANGLADESH 12/1 - 28/1
INDIA 28/1-2/2

Back in Nepal East.
Kakarvitta  (Kakkavitta) border Border city near nursery in India
Bus to Dooars  
Doooars Lake View Resort  
Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve Dolphins at the bridge at Koshin Barrage
Doooars Lake View Resort  
Bus Janakpur 6H  
Janakpur On the road
Manaki Hotel  
Janaki Mandir and the rest in town Fine architecture temple
Manaki Hotel  
Bus to Daman 8H+  
Tribhuvan Highway; Hetauda to Naubise  
Daman Best Himalayan views!
Sherpa House Daman  
Mountain BG Just the right plants
Sherpa House Daman  
Bus Kath 4H+4H  
Karma Travellers Home  
Just fooling around, shopping souvenirs, drinking milk-tea  
Karma Travellers Home  
Just fooling around, shopping souvenirs, drinking milk-tea  
Karma Travellers Home  

And then it is back home to Denmark...

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