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The Vatican City State or the State of Vatican City is a absolute monarchy, ecclesiastical and elective theocracy. It covers 0,44 square kilometres and is the home for around one thousand people. As no surprise, most are Christians!
The currency is Euro, worth 7,46 Danish Krone. The GDP is not something we talk about.
The climate is Mediterranean. The fauna is mainly pigeons and rats, although the parks and gardens are home to some more interesting birds and a few squirrels and bats.

28/4. I find a free parking in Rome, right next to the wall, surounding the Vatican. The line to the ticket office seems endless, as it is Saturday AND a spring vacation for Italians. But some crafty Indians have booked tickets in advance, and I pay 18 extra (double price), and skip the two hour queue. I would have liked a ticket for the gardens, but they have to be booked a month in advances. And I should have bought the real expensive ones for the Sistine Chapel and the St. Peter's Basillica.

Anyway, I walk right pass all the waiting people and start with the museum. It is the world's second largest museum, and I just see a few corners. And not by any plan. I see a lot of brilliant marble work from the most early to the most recent. Some of them are familiar, others just brilliant made.

And here is a collection of pope vehicles. From carry chairs over horse wagons to a VW Beetle. In the painting collection, I recognises several artists, among them Dali. One collection contain modern work, and the few people here, walk just as fast as I. The older works, like the Egyptian and Greek, on the other hand, take time to admire.

Some of the galleries are a giant art work of them self - actually, all are I think. The walls, the sealing and the floor are covered in perfect artwork. From one of them, there are perfect views to the garden, and it is basically just a perfect lawn with some nice trees on, mainly pines.

By following the stream, I accidentally end up in the Sistine Chapel. I had actually expected more, after seeing the other parts of this giant art-collection. Well, it is fantastic, and despite one is not aloud to make photos, I get to do a few. I fail to understand (and sometimes accept) this rule, as long as one refraining from using flash.

I find it a bit hard to find my way around, as many areas are closed from the mortals, and most others end blind. I get a short break and a light lunch. Then, I somehow end up in St. Peter's Basilica. I am pretty sure, it is the most well worked room I ever been in. It is huge, but every square millimetre is so perfectly created. I will not use the term "flamboyant", and it is not tacky in any way. Well, except the glass coffin with what appears to be a dead Santa Claus-Santa, it is of cause.

I see the map room, with maps of Italy on the walls, and I see so many statues and paintings, all so perfect (except some of the modern!). I end out is the huge square, surrounded by columns. The Swiss Guard is in place, but here is a mellow atmosphere in general. I feel I have seen everything - except the Pope, and head on, out in Rome and the rest of Italy. Total price, including ticket for the museum and a souvenir; 45. Photos.

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