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Luxembourg is not that big, and I failed to find many interesting sights. Never the less, I hope to get a good feeling of the small country, driving around from sight to sight. That said, cities are fare from among favourites. I might even drive additional roads while I'm here.
LUXENBOURG   LP Western Europe Edit.11, 2013  
147 Echternach Hiking base, basilica 49.812928, 6.422454
149 Müllerthal Trails Narrow gorges, streams, mossy.  49.811695, 6.415620
140 Old city Promenade,  49.610673, 6.126100
148 Bourscheid Château 49.905306, 6.078719
  Camping du S.I.T 49.907884, 6.072435


Photos   Map & Plan   Diary