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Oxalis triangularis

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Author:  Auguste François César Prouvençal de Saint-Hilaire 1825
Family:  Oxalidaceae  Geraniaceae
Habitat:   Argentina,Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, Peru
Soil:   Peat
Water:   Medium
Sun:   Medium-Maximum
Height:  25 centimetres
Flower:   White
Propagate:   Seeds/Rhizomes
Names:   Purple shamrock, Crimson Iron Cross, Mijke 
Synonyms:  Acetosella triangularis, Kuntze 1891.
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This member of the Oxalidaceae  family was described by Auguste François César Prouvençal de Saint-Hilaire in 1825. It is found in most of South America, growing in peat with some water and some or lots of sun. The single leaves will reach 25 centimetres up from the buried rhizome. The flowers are white, and it can be produced both by seeds and rhizomes.

Also seen on IPNI as Geraniaceae and Polygonaceae Acetosella triangularis Kuntze 1891.

Acetosella oxyptera (Progel) Kuntze
Acetosella papilionacea (Hoffmanns. ex Zucc.) Kuntze
Acetosella regnellii (Miq.) Kuntze
Acetosella triangularis (A.St.-Hil.) Kuntze
Acetosella yapacaniensis (K.Schum.) Kuntze
Oxalis catharinensis N.E.Br.
Oxalis corumbaensis Hoehne
Oxalis delta Vell.
Oxalis glaberrima Norlind
Oxalis oxyptera Progel
Oxalis palustris A.St.-Hil.
Oxalis palustris var. major A.St.-Hil.
Oxalis papilionacea Hoffmanns. ex Zucc.
Oxalis regnellii Miq.
Oxalis regnellii var. catharinensis (N.E.Br.) Norlind
Oxalis tenuiscaposa R.Knuth
Oxalis triangularis f. glabrifolia Chodat
Oxalis triangularis subsp. papilionacea (Hoffmanns. ex Zucc.) Lourteig
Oxalis truncata Willd. ex Zucc.
Oxalis venturiana R.Knuth
Oxalis vernalis Fredr. ex Norlind
Oxalis yapacaniensis K.Schum.