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The flowers by RogerioLira,

Author: Myron William Kimnach & Reid Venable Moran, 1980
Family:  Crassulaceae
Habitat:     NE Mexico
Soil:   Mix
Water:   Minimum
Sun:   Medium
Thickness:  1,2 centimetre
Height:  12 centimetres
Flower:   Reddish
Propagate:   Seeds/Cutting
Names:   -
Synonyms:  -

A member of the Crassulaceae family, first described by Myron William Kimnach and Reid Venable Moran in 1980. It's from north-eastrn Mexico, where it lives in a well drained soil, with little water and some sun. It will grow to 12 centimetres and get reddish flowers. Can be reproduced both by seeds, cuttings and leaves.