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Proboscidea louisiana

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The seed pods are smooth with two lines of spikes along the edge.

Author: Albert Thellung, 1912
Family:  Pedaliaceae
Habitat:   Southern North America
Soil:   Rick to Mixed
Water:   Medium - Maximum
Sun:   Medium - Maximum
Height:  60 Centimetres
Flower:   White to cream, Pale to medium pink, Pale lavender
Propagate:   Seeds/Cuttings
Names:   Louisiana Unicorn-plant , Aphid Trap, Devil's Claw, Ram's Horn, Pale Devil's Claw
Synonyms:  Martynia louisiana, Mill. 1768.
Martynia alternifolia, Lam.
Martynia proboscidea,
Proboscidea cordifolia,
Proboscidea louisiana,
Wooton & Standl.

This member of the Pedaliaceae family was given this name by Albert Thellung in 1912. It is found in most of southern North America, growing in all from deserts to moist, rich swamplands. It can grow to 60 centimetres in height, barring loads of pale pink flowers.

Thellung treated the basionym epithet "louisiana" as an error for "louisianica."

Although nice to look at, the sticky foliage has a foul, fetid smell.

Although it is so similar to Ibicella lutea, it does not seem like Glen Parker Van Eseltine renamed it along with it.