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Drosera aliciae

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Bergplaas, South Africa

Given more light and less water, it turns read.

Author: Raymond-Hamet 1905
Family:  Droseraceae
Habitat: Western + Eastern Cape; South Africa
Soil:   Clay-Peat
Water:   Min-Max
Sun:   Minimum-Maximum
Height:  1,5 centimetres high, 5 centimetres in diameter
Flower:   Pink
Propagate:   Seeds
Names:   Alice Sundew
Synonyms:  Drosera curviscapa, Salter.

This member of the Droseraceae family was described by Raymond-Hamet in 1905. It is found in the southern part of South Africa, where it grows in all from rich soil with lots of water and not that much sun to clay with little water and full sun. The flowers are pink.

The insect catching dew.

Habitat in the middle of a riverbed, around 1000 meters height.