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Aloe suzannae

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December 6. 2003.


Author: Raymond Decary 1926
Family:  Asphodelaceae
Habitat:   Madagascar
Soil:   Mix
Water:   Medium
Sun:   Maximum
Thickness:  20 centimetres
Height:  3 meters
Flower:   White to Crème
Propagate:   Seeds/Offsets
Names:   Suzanna's Aloe
Synonyms:   Aloestrela suzannae, Molteno & Gideon F.Sm.

This member of the Asphodelaceae family was described by Raymond Decary in 1926. It is found on Madagascar, growing in well-drained soil with little water and lots of sun. The stem will grow to more than 20 centimetres in diameter and it rises to more than 3 meters. The flower-stand adds 4-6 meters more. The flowers are white to crème.

This one from Copenhagen Botanical Garden 2003/4. There were about 1000 single flowers, which was supposed to be pollinated by bats and birds. The pollen was collected, and will be swapped with an other botanical garden. This plant has been in the collection for 31 years. 

It is said, there are only one or maybe five plant back in the wild!

Former a member of the Aloaceae and the Liliaceae families.

Close to 4 meter of flowers Marts 22. 2004.