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Agave schottii

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Author:  Georg Engelmann 1875
Family:  Agavaceae
Habitat:   South Western US, Northern Mexico
Soil:   Mix
Water:   Medium
Sun:   Maximum
Height:  40 centimetres, flower 2,5 meters
Flower:   Yellow
Propagate:   Seeds/Of-shoots
Names:   Shindagger, Amole, Amoliyo, Schott's Agave, Shin Dagger
Synonyms:  Agave geminiflora var. sonorae Torr. 1859.  Agave mulfordiana Trel. 1920. Agave sonorae.
Agave schottii
var. treleasei, Kearney & Peebles.

This member of the Agavaceae family was described by George Engelmann in 1875. It is found from the south western US down to Northern Mexico, mainly between 900-2000 meters  elevation. It needs a well drained soil with little to some water and lots of sun. The leaves will reach 40 centimetre, the flower-stand 2,5 meters. The flowers are yellow, and beside by seeds, the plant can be reproduced by offsets.