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Taxus baccata

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Author: Carl Linnaeus 1753
Family:  Taxodiaceae
Habitat:   Western, Central , Southern Europe, Northwest Africa, Northern Iran, Southwest Asia
Soil:   Sandy, Mix
Water:   Medium
Sun:   Medium - Maximum
Height:  10 - 30 Metres
Propagate:   Seeds
Names:   Common Yew, European Yew, English Yew.
Synonyms:  See below...

This member of the Taxodiaceae family was given this name by Carl Linnaeus in 1753. It is found all over Europe and in northern Africa. It grow in a loos soil like sand, takes some water and some to lots of sun. It can eventually grow to 30 metres in height. Every part, except the fruits are poison.


Cephalotaxus adpressa Beissn.
Cephalotaxus brevifolia Beissn.
Cephalotaxus tardiva Siebold ex Endl.
Taxus adpressa Carrière
Taxus aurea K.Koch
Taxus baccifera Theophr. ex Bubani
Taxus columnaris K.Koch
Taxus communis J.Nelson
Taxus disticha Wender. ex Henkel & Hochst.
Taxus dovastonii Carrière
Taxus elegantissima Carrière
Taxus elvastonensis Beissn.
Taxus empetrifolia Gordon
Taxus erecta Carrière
Taxus ericoides Carrière
Taxus expansa K.Koch
Taxus fastigiata Lindl.
Taxus foxii Carrière
Taxus hibernica Hook. ex Loudon
Taxus horizontalis Carrière
Taxus imperialis Gordon & Glend.
Taxus jacksonii K.Koch
Taxus lugubris Salisb.
Taxus marginata Carrière
Taxus michelii Carrière
Taxus microphylla Gordon & Glend.
Taxus mitchellii Carrière
Taxus monstrosa Gordon & Glend.
Taxus nana Parl.
Taxus parvifolia Wender.
Taxus pectinata Gilib.
Taxus pendula Carrière
Taxus pyramidalis Carrière
Taxus recurvata C.Lawson
Taxus sparsifolia Loudon
Taxus tardiva (Siebold ex Endl.) C.Lawson
Taxus variegata Carrière
Taxus virgata Wall. ex Gordon & Glend.
Verataxus adpressa (Carrière) Carrière