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Green Sea Turtle; Chelonia mydas remains, GalapagosOxalis, Little Karoo

CONSERVATION - Maintaining biodiversity

 In acknowledgement of the value of every species on earth, HT1 offers a wide range of conservation services, which can be carried out in the field or at local stations.
HT1 have worked on the culture of endangered plants in Ecuador, Galapagos, South Africa or back here in Denmark, with some of the work being done in situ and some in a laboratory, as with vitro: meristem propagation.  In a laboratory, a single leaf can be cloned to produce 1000s of tiny plants that can be nursed until they are strong enough to be re-introduced to their natural environment.

 HT1's work includes :
Building local nurseries.
Propagation from seeds and cuttings.
Nursing the small plants until they can withstand the harsh local climate.
Controlling invasive species.
Providing shade from trees.
Providing the natural pollinators.
Achieving a balanced outcome for the local people.

 Our work is not just with plants, but animals too: raising them in protected environments, nursing the young till they are larger and agile, and providing the needed food.  Every single member of the litter makes it to adulthood. Preserving the species is just on side; the other side is to preserve the entire habitat. 
 HT1 have worked in both temperate and tropical areas, addressing issues such as the encroachment of invasive species to the sensitive issues of involvement of the locals, giving them both understanding and income.

 HT1 has been involved in the coral reefs of i.e. Sulawesi; Indonesia. Changing the main income from dynamite fishing to guiding divers, running green hotels and other nature friendly businesses. On Galapagos, the job was to re-build the natural flora via a new nursery and reclaiming the wild for the native plants. In Ecuador, the wildlife had to be documented to show the need for nature reserves.

 Economical rich countries are willing to help with this, if the project are well
documentation. Again, HT1 can provide help.