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Pseudolithos cubiformis

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Author of this page: Panos & Stavros.

Photos by Ferdinand Poilodan.

The flowers by Panos & Stavros.

A rather green form by Panos & Stavros.

A typical pollinator by Ferdinand Poilodan.

Author: Peter René Oscar Bally, 1965
Origin:  Somalia
Soil:  Grit
Water:  Minimum
Sun:  Medium
Thickness:  12 Centimetres
Height:  12 Centimetres
Flower:  Greyish-Green / Purple
Propagate:  Seeds
Names:  -
Synonyms:  Lithocaulon cubiforme, Peter René Oscar Bally, 1959.
Ceropegia cubiformis, Bruyns.
Pseudolithos cubiformis
var. viridiflorus, Horw.

This member of the Asclepiadaceae* family was given this name by Peter René Oscar Bally as Lithocaulon cubiforme in 1959, and as Pseudolithos cubiformis in 1965. It is found in Somalia, growing in grit with little water and some sun. It can grow to twelve centimetres in diameter, and the flowers are green-grey hairy petals with a purple centre. It has the largest flowers in the genus, and like the others: It smell like rotting meat.

')Accordantly to the latest taxonomic system; APG IV 2016 is Asclepiadaceae now part of the Apocynaceae.

The genera name from the Greek pseudo meaning 'false' and lithos meaning 'stone' or 'pebble', referring to the appearance of the stems. The species name means 'shaped like dice'.

The skin by Ferdinand Poilodan.