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Fockea multiflora

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Juvenile leaves.

Giant plant in Namibia.

The flowers by Claude Boucher Chisale,

Author: Karl Moritz Schumann, 1893
Origin:  Angola, Botswana, Caprivi Strip, Mozambique, Namibia, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe
Soil:  Mix
Water:  Medium
Sun:  Medium
Thickness:  50 Centimetres
Height:  10 Meters
Flower:  Green
Propagate:  Seeds/Cuttings
Names:  Elephant Vines, Python Kambro, Pythonranke, Pythonwein
Synonyms:  Fockea schinzii N.E. Brown, 1895

This Asclepiadaceae* grows in southern Africa, and was described by Karl Moritz Schumann in 1893. It is found in Angola, Botswana, Caprivi Strip, Mozambique, Namibia, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe, growing in a well drained soil with some water and some sun. The vines will reach for up to ten meter and half a meter in diameter. The flowers are green.

The genera name after Charles Focke, 1802-1856, a Dutch botanist, collecting especially in Surinam. The species name due to the many flowers.

*)Accordantly to the latest taxonomic system; APG IV 2016, Asclepiadaceae is now part of the Apocynaceae.

Another little plant with juvenile leaves.