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It may sound strange, but in some cultures, ventilation is critical. The plants use CO2 at daytime, and O2 at night time. At the same time, they need to get rite of the evaporated water.
That said, it is not  something the average hobbits should worry about in the windowsill. It is more in commercial nurseries, where plants are crammed together, and grow fast. The air is a great source for carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, and again, the crammed-together plants need some fresh supply.

Dry air is sometime desired, as many of our desert dwellers are build for low humidity, and can suffer from moisture. They can more easily be attacked by fungus, and have a hard time getting rite of the water they have sucked up, and drained for nutrition. A fresh breeze can accomplice dry air.

Another effect is more unknown, but recognised: The "fattening" of the plants. Plants in the wild tend to be more fat build, and wind is one of the factors, that does that. To stiffen themselves, and fight the wind, they grow low and fat.
Some nurseries have developed a brilliant way to accomplice that: They have heavy plastic hang on the watering boom, and let them pass over/through the roses several times a day. That way, they get more bulky roses, than by using chemicals, and almost costless.
So I can recommend the average hobbits to pad his plant several times a day! Well, unless you are into cacti....

 Water   Watering  Nutrition   pH   Light   Ventilation  Temp.   Soil   Pots   Pruning   Rest