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The temperature is real important for most plants. While some plants won't thrive over 25oC, others die below 15oC. Some won't flower below 35oC, others go dormant at that height.
At first, I thought I could read about what temperature a specific plant would thrive in, looking at the average temperature in a country it live, during the summer. But the plants might grow at the seaside, way colder than the average. Or only in the shade - or only near the peak of the mountains.

I find that almost any of the plants I have grown (except from some altiplano-plants) do find between 20 and 25oC. Many alpine plants grow in places they say is only 10oC in average, but they are found in the sun, easily reaching 25 or even 30oC. I've been in the foothills of Himalaya, with frost on the ground, but enjoying my morning tea, dressed in T-shirt and shorts, feeling pretty warm.
I've been in some of the hottest deserts, freezing my - fingers off, during the night. Winter can be real uncomfortable cold too.

The plants need a specific temperature to make all their chemical processes work. They might pull through a cold period, but have to "charge the batteries" at some point.

The most important, as a hobbits, is to maintain a sufficient temperature during the winter. Some growers are not troubled with that, others have to spend fortunes. Forcing the plants into dormancy might solve it, but some plants, origin from all-year-round, hot places won't stand temperatures below 15oC, dormant or not.

Some need it cold, to initiate flowers or stay dormant. Others just need it dark, and covering them with black plastic, will do the trick.

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