Bihrmann's CAUDICIFORMS   

Use the white field above to search for anything on this caudiciform site. Many plants have several Latin names, and you can find them via antonym, synonym, basionym and homonyms.

The search function can be used to list the plants, found in a specific country, or track-down a plant by the vascular name - given I know it.

It also help tracking a plant by another Latin name. The first author names the plant its species name (Latin names: Genera species), and either attach it to an existing genera, or make a new one. Sometimes, plants have been found several times, and given new names, as the authors fail to find the first description. If the plants are identical, only the first name is valid.
Sometimes, authors find out that (at least they think) a plant belong to another genera. They change the Genera name. That will make the first name a basionym and the second a synonym. If that change is general recognizes, the new name will be used. If the new Genera changes sex, the species name have to be adjusted. It will also have to be changed, if the new Genera already have a species with that name.

Anyway; if you at first don't find the plant your are looking for in the lists, try the search function. It might even help you with a slightly off spelling, which many plants suffer from on the internet. I check the names in IPNI and Tropicos.

If you still fail to find the plant, please, and I'll find it - or make a page for it.