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This botanical garden from 1967 is really packed! Although is not more than one hectare with 1000 m2 glass-houses, it counts 10.000 species.  It has a rather big and real interesting shop, which is as crowded with plants as the rest. Their seed list is extensive, and contains some real interesting species.  It is known as VU Hortus, and located a bit outside Amsterdam Centrum at Van der Boechorststraat 8, next to the Medical University. There is an other botanical garden closer to centre: Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam from 1638, next to the ZOO at Plantage Middenlaan 2a
. I visited in 2004.

Well, except from the new bonsai garden, which display some beautiful, old bonsais.I did not get around the garden with it's bamboo  and other collections, but from what a saw, it looked real neat.

The cacti/succulent house is real heavy packed, but without the plants seems to suffer. Nametags on all, from the floor to the above-head shelves.

Not  that many large plants yet, but the amount of different species make up for it.

Caudiciforms, like this Dioscorea elephantipes are found between the extensive cacti collection. 20 more cacti photos on: Cacti slide-show.

I am really amassed over the fact, that they can keep that many plants with different needs packed this way, and still having plants looking perfect!

Except for these two cacti in front of some perfect Pseudobombax ellipticums.

This group of Pachypodiums  seems to do real well.

Like seeing my own collection: A totally entangled mess of Cucurbitaceaes, Raphionacmes, Fockeas, a Brighamian insignis and lots more.

Euphorbias in any shape possible.

Didn't get time to look closer to the bulb section, but is seems to be as interesting as the rest.

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