Other Gardens, Collections and Nurseries

Taipei Botanical Garden is a central, little park in the city. It does have several botanical collections, but it is more for the calmness I would recommend it. I visited in 2017.

Here are several lakes and a swamp area.

The Japanese garden is small, simple and nice. Here are even classic house to go with it.

I was here in the winter, and it will get greener.

I have never seen a collection of "Chinese Zodiac Animal Plants". I like their "animals" the best.

The fern collection is pretty.

The desert part is mighty green.

Dracaena and Agaves.

The one greenhouse is small.

Inside are a few cacti and other succulents.

Only room for a few open lawns.

The large lotus pond will be nice later in the year.

Not that impressive inside.

Cycas collection.

The S&C are sheltered from the rain.

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