Other Gardens, Collections and Nurseries

Kenting Forest in the southern Taiwan is among others, a true botanical garden with many collections:
Fern, Arum, Botel Tobago Island, Ethno-Plant, Aquatic Garden, Lianas & Vines, Native Plants, Cycad, Cactus, Rare and Endangered, Laurel, Beech, Tropical Fruit, Pea, Weeping Fig, Ficus, Palm and other collections. I was here in 2017.

That said, it is not the most interesting garden I have visited. It is mainly collections of trees and bushes, and quite frankly, I had a hard time telling them apart this winter day. This is how most look.

But it ought to be interesting during the warm months!

A rather large greenhouse always look interesting.

Unfortunately, the inside was just what an average floweriest offers.

Even the aquatic part was quite disappointing.

Their ancient coral reef was a great feature. It even had large caves with numerous bats.

The best part.

Cycad collection.

The desert plants are protected against the rain.

A lot of Euphorbias and some cacti.

Great looking Heritiera littoralis.

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