Other Gardens, Collections and Nurseries

KEW Royal Botanical Gardens is the  mother of all botanical gardens! I visited in 2016. More photos.

The huge area compiles watergardens formal gardens, taxonomic collections
colorful flowers, rockery, alpine and way more.

Part of the systematic beds.

Tiny part of the huge and fantastic rockery.

The great Alpine house.

How to display these small Alpine plants.

Princess of Wales Conservatory.

Temperate rainforest house.

Orchids, ferns and bromeliads.


Tropical pond.

This huge beast is a Grammatophyllum speciosum: Queen of Orchids.

They even have collections of caudiciforms - out back.

Small part of the vast cacti collection - out back.

The palm house.

It is huge, packed with plants and neatly maintained.

What might be the oldest potted plant in the world: Encephalartos altensteinii from 1775.

A part of the formal garden.

Cacti and nice flowers mix?

The desert house.

Cacti, caudiciforms and succulents.

One of many houses.

The garden is fantastic too.

I especially enjoyed the rockery.