Other Gardens, Collections and Nurseries

In a nice neighborhood of Windhoek, this magnificent garden can be found. It is 30 years of enthusiastic work by frau Inge Pehlemann-Brase, when I visited her in 2008.

Along with the plants, a huge collection of the marvelous stones, found in Namibia can be found.

Most plants are in the ground, but some are grown in small or large pots. Most watering is done by nature.

I have no idea of, how many plants from how many species can be found here, but it must be over 10.000, and they come from all over the world. Some are collected by the discoverer at the site for description.

Every square centimeter are in perfect condition, and numerous flowers can be found most of the year.

All plants are benefiting from the strong an almost vertical sun, and shows perfect growth.

There are only a few of each species, but that give room for a lot of species!

Some plants are just new cuttings, some are huge and old plants.

Here is even a small nursery, and plants which not supposed to be
reproduced by leave cuttings are multiplied just that way.

In the right time of year, the whole garden is covered in colorful cacti flowers.

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