Botanischer Garten der Martin-Luther-Universitšt
Other Gardens, Collections and Nurseries

The botanical in Halle is named Botanischer Garten der Martin-Luther-Universitšt. It covers 4,5 hectares, housing 12.000 species. It dates back to 1698, and some building look that old! The greenhouses are 3.000 square meters, and real well kept. I visited it in 2012. More photos can be found on Botanischer Garten der Martin-Luther-Universitšt.

The massive tropical house have been renovated recently, and have a great display inside.

Next to it is the traditional Victoria house..

The large greenhouse contains among others, tropical plants.

A real huge cacti collection can be found here.

In the back, house after house are stuffed with an amassing cacti collection.

One house is dedicated to lpine plants.

Another to spore plants.

The outside is perfectly keep too.

Huge area of annuals.

Yucca and cacti in the ground.

Great summer display of some of the cacti.

Time consuming but real nice.

Site: Biologie.uni-halle.de/bot/boga/