Other Gardens, Collections and Nurseries

 Calling it a "garden" is actually a misleading term. It should be called a National Park! It is huge! The gate I thought was the exit, was just to one of the other ten areas. There are an even bigger rose garden, numbering 300 species, several big orchid houses, some cacti houses, many other houses, huge areas with flowering plants, several nurseries, toads of trees and nine lakes. The just lack some caudiciforms collection. I only found three species. 2015.

.One of the nurseries

One of the orchid houses

Inside that orchid house

Ficus collection

Orchids in the open

One of the rose collections

Another orchid house

One of the cacti houses

Many other houses for rare and endangered plants

One of the nine ponds - or lakes actually.

The Bangladesh National Herbarium

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