Other Gardens, Collections and Nurseries

Even though I visit this huge garden during winter, and on a rainy day, it was a great experience. The photos does not justify the garden, but only give an idea of the huge and well kept collection. The garden covers 9500 square meters, with all from desserts over a maze to a small lake! I visited it in 2005. 50 larger photos, in a slide-show.

The public garden was opened by Marthinus Malherbe in 1965, but was started as a private collection many years before. This Pachycereus weberii is regarded as the oldest cactus of South Africa, and was sown by him in 1910. The garden is now owned and run by Yvonne and Herman, who are really passionate.

Among the huge and old plants, they have extended the collection to 2400 species, partly cacti, partly succulents. Their latest achievement is to start collecting caudiciforms.

Names on almost every plant, and if not, the proud owners ill tell you.

The beds are giving the plants room for growing, and viewers better view.

The garden is still expanding, keeping the old layout, and forming a unit.

Should have gotten closer to this weird spineless Lophocereus scottii monstrose.
 One of the few totally asymmetric plants.

Many old plants, like this Ferocactus pottii can be found all around.

Many of the plants are still young, and have been grown by the present owners from seeds.

Adenia, Moringa, Beaucarnia, Echinocactus, Agavae, Crassula, Ceraus and many other familiar genera.

The view is stunning all around, this day even with snow!

As a rather new addition, they have made 'Our Little Nursery' with home grown succulents and cacti for sale as a respond for the visitors demand. The growing tips can bee seen on their website, which futures a lot more information as well