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Obesa Cacti Nursery was started in 1970 by C.J. Bouwer as a hobby. It have now grown to the worlds biggest cacti nursery, with a enormous garden, full of huge cacti. From their site: "We currently house about 7 000 species of plants, and raise about 350 000 plants each year. Our stock plants exceed 2 million individuals". I had an idea of shooting some photos of the big sceneries and one of each cacti. After a while and 2-300 photos, I shift to plan B: Get a few highlights and advice people, interested in cacti and in South Africa to come bye, and see it for them selves. It is just awesome: Thousands of cacti, most bigger than they ever grow in Americas. The area is around 110x160 meters, and it is NOT the pass ways that is taking up the room! In between the five to ten meter plants, small species hide them selves. Here are hundreds of species, many of which I never have seen. The only ones I don't see, is the one spreader around in the wild. Many of the gardens in town, the gas station, empty lots and public areas are planted with huge cacti as well. The area in front of the nursery would be an attraction by it selves! And this is just the old nursery, the new one is real large, right out of town. I drive out to see a bit more, while I'm here, and wow, again! Endless lines of all different sorts, a enormous garden, shadow houses and cacti! Try to get it on photo, but to really show those ten hectares, one should use a helicopter, I guess.  Beside from those few photos, I have made a slide-show with some more. It is still just a fraction! I was here in 2005 - I think.

The entrance does not look like much, but when you turn the corner!

Here ere enormous plants, and everywhere in between are small species and young plants.

A few nursery houses can still be found in this old part.

But the main attraction it the huge and extreme good looking cacti outside.

And there are a lot!

And they are big and real good looking.

After having given up trying to capture the garden with the collection,
I head outside town to see the production nursery.

The garden was huge, but this is enormous! And beside
from production, there are a huge display garden as well.

Nice surroundings as well.

And endless rows of cacti and some caudiciforms and succulents.

A few shadow houses for the younger plants. And a extreme quite dog!

The show part is real nice, and the paths are still open.

They say 7000 species, and I guess that is true.

I am pretty sure I never will be astonished by a cacti collection ever again!
If you should find your selves in that part of the world; Visit this amassing place

Site: Obesanursery.com/