Other Gardens, Collections and Nurseries

Close to center of this beautiful city lies this huge and extremely interesting botanical garden. 2018.
Former known as Göteborg Lustgårdar. Some more photos from the huge garden and tropical houses.

Spread over 40 hectares, and with 53 kilometers of pathways, this real well kept garden covers rocks and valleys wit a vide variety of interesting plants. Some botanical, others cultivated. All so very well maintained!

The greenhouses might not be big, but they houses some very different climate zones with their representatives.

A total of 20.000 species can be found. This year, the  big show was all about "Gluttonous Beauties".

The Alpine houses displays some of the weirdest plants I have seen, and this time for a first.

One house had this astonishing collection.

The arid house had those benches with a limited numbered but very well displayed number of plants.

Defiantly one of my favorites. Discorea elephantipes.

An open house for the huge bulb collection. Without doubt worth a visit in spring!