Other Gardens, Collections and Nurseries

The National Kandawgyi Gardens is a mix of a true botanical garden, a nice flower park and a huge park with some great looking areas. The total area is 177 hectares. It was first established in 1915 as the Maymyo Botanical Gardens by Alex Roger, a Forest Officer. The Botanical Gardens has 514 species of indigenous trees and 74 foreign species, 75 species of bamboo, and 75 species of crotons. Of the 300 species of indigenous orchids, but I failed to find many caudiciforms, when I visited in 2016.

Several large lakes open up the landscape in the best "Brown'ísh-style".

The Botanical Gardens has three museums. The Fossils Museum houses fossils of mammals, reptiles, and invertebrates, and the Petrified Wood Museum displays fossils of plants, colorful stones, toddy-palm roots, as well as things made from fossils of plants. The Butterfly Museum has various species of butterflies from Nepal, Taiwan, South America, Japan and South East Asia.

A long board-walk leads into the wilder part.

The same lake.

The 300 orchids are divided in foreign and native.

Many of the orchids had flowers, and it seems to me like many are hybrids.

300 species, and quite a lot of each!

Missed the names.

I visited the wrong time of year.

How to grow that species; on a rock!

Nursing the plants on a Sunday.

Classic mix of coconut and charcoal.

Here are a 35 meter viewing tower.

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