Other Gardens, Collections and Nurseries

Lloyd Botanical Garden might not be among the biggest, but it is one of the few I have visited, with free growing true caudiciforms. The garden was created in 1878 on a piece of land, donated by Mr. William Lloyd. It has, among others, the characteristic plants from Sikkim Himalayas. Well fitted in the 1850 altitude. The garden covers 16 hectares on a rather steep hillside, outside of Darjeeling. Here is a herbarium, a library, a orchidrium, collection of bonsai and rare plants, a large conservatory, a cacti house and several collections in the open. Was here in 2016.

Names on moist, all in the database.

Various epiphytes on the lower part of a tree.

Inside the cacti house.

Within the large conservatory.

Another house.

The conservatory.

Wild caudiciform on a tree - name pending for now.

Wild Agapetes serpens on a stem in the garden - lots of them actually.

Inside another house.

Part of the orchidrium.

Tree covered in epiphytes.

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