The Boulder of Snekkerstenen


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This big boulder of Snekkerstenen is found around 10 meters from the beach, and can be viewed from the coastal road at the town of Snekkersten.

Location: 10 metres out in the water, across from Strandvejen 112C, 3070 Snekkersten
GPS: 56.012849, 12.597236

Size: 2,5 metres high, 3 metres wide and 4 meters long. The estimate weight is 40 tons.

Meaning of the name: "Snekke" was one of the Viking's small ships, mend for ore and sail, and this is a rock they were tethered at in the old days. The town is named after this rock, not the other way round.

Material: Pale medium-grained Granite.

Origin: Sweden

Legend: According to the legend, the rock had to be thrown by a witch on Hven, in her garter, after a wizard who stood on the Galgebakken in Snekkersten. It is said to turns around when it smells freshly baked bread, and dances when it hears music.
Another story tells us that it has sailed from the Kullen, or has been thrown by a giant from Skåne.