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The Republic of San Marino or in Italian; Repubblica di San Marino is, with its 61,2 square kilometres, the fifth smallest country in the world, and it is ruled as an Unitary parliamentary Presidential republic. It is found within Italy, and the home to 33.562 citizens, of which 99% are Christians.
The currency is Euro, worth 7,46 Danish Krone. The climate is Mediterranean with continental influence.

29/4. I arrival from the fantastic green Italy, and almost misses, I'm crossing the border. Then I am meet by the lowlands, which is just as fertile. Small villages, and a view to the pointy mountain, on which the capital is found. I head straight towards it, and are rewarded with numerous views to the lowlands on the way up. One of the more special sights is either a modern church - or an old one who have melted?

The capital is surrounded by a wall on most sides, and it is made up by old houses with great atmosphere. It is, however, a tourist town, and most of the towns business are mend for them. Restaurants and souvenir shops along with many weapon shops, selling knives, crossbows and (air?) guns and rifles, and here are a lot of leather shops. One of the more specialised shops only sell rubber ducks!

I do several loops on the peak, before I realises the town continues down the southern side of the mountain in small, zigzag streets. Here are many churches and alike, and some government buildings, dating way back. I get a bite to eat in a small place, and do another round.

As the tour to here took a bit longer than anticipated, I book a hostel in the lowlands, and take it easy. The thunder is getting higher, and the southern skies are getting dark. When my meter runs out at five, I head down from the peak.

The lowlands have a few villages around their churches, and a lot of real green nature and farmland. I look for some sheep, which must be (San) Marino sheep, and finally; I find a small herd.

Then the rain starts: Huge drops, and sometime little space between them. It does not stop the sun in all places, and with the windshield-wipers and sunglasses on, I head around this little country. A big rainbow span most of the country, and I get some photos, looking like the golden age paintings, Here are a few factories, but most is pretty farmland with plenty of bush land.

Close to seven, I eventual reach the hostel, and start working. They have a rather big restaurant, and I have several vegetarian menus to choose from. I get basmati rice, many different fried vegetables and some falafel "steaks".  Along with a pot of tea, I only have to pay 6,50. Besides from that, I have only spend 43,50 in total. I have driven 46 kilometres and taken 230 photos.
San Marino is defiantly a place worth visiting, should you find yourselves in northern Italy. It is easy to navigate, and have so many nice buildings and views.

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From here, I head through northern Italy to Switzerland.

Photos   Map & Plan   Diary