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NORWAY 1994    DIARY  

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ABATE (of which I am chairman) is expanding, and it's time to start up in Norway. We have been in contact with an intelligent independent guy: Sverre, who has good contacts in Oslo. It is arranged that he invites some chaps from the Norwegian biker world into his mother's cottage, and then Willy and I come bye and talk about ABATE and FEM.

Takes the MC to Gråstensgade and lock it up. Sussi follows us to the ferry; touching farewell. The afternoon is spend by reading each other's papers, briefing and coordinating views. The evening in the bar, where there is, among other things, the display of bare skin. Sitting at the bar watching the waiter cheat violently with the measuring cup - with duty free booze !?

The night passes uneventfully, and breakfast must be called the same. The entrance to Oslo Fjord is beautiful in the morning sun. We have no idea where to go, so we are waiting for Sverre in the ferry dock restaurant. Small birds pellets flies off the parked long-haul trucks, and we wait ½ hour. Something pops up in the parking lot, which with some luck can be a biker. It is Sverre and we spend an hour out through the beautiful Norwegian countryside.

Pretty flat, but the bedrock protrudes here and there. An incredible number of wooden houses, but they endure well in the Norwegian climate. In Denmark, the outer wood lasts for 30-35 years, then it needs to be replaced. An incredibly sweet female timber tells me that in Norway; you paint it time and time again, and when it is 100-200 years old, a company comes and burns all the paint off, and then you start over.

We drive far out through a forest, and get to the most charming cottage from the turn of the century. There is no bath, so we get some tokens to the campsite 10 kilometres down the road.
We are raised as kings. The menu is à la carte, we just order, so the girls buy in. I go for a walk in the woods and when I get back, the first HDs have appeared. In my opinion, home build bikes in Norway is nicer than in Sweden. Not so extreme, more harmonious. We sit out in the sun and chat until everyone has arrived. Then the meeting begins.

It is getting dark, and the girls are serving dinner from the grill. Then we drive down to town, in a cosy (and damn expensive) tavern. Willy and I are there with 15-20 pings, who bring a beer and Bailey's to us, when they are up and order at the bar. The glasses pile up on the table in front of me, some still full. We are not aloud to buy.

Lightly fried, we return to the cottage. I need coffee, and the sweet creatures serving it, have added a little home brew. "Is the coffee too cold?" A match solves the problem: The amount and strength of the home brew makes the coffee punch flammable! And here I have been sitting down and driving 3 large mugs to get sober!

In between people disappear, and then appear a few hours later, a little more fresh. When I first talked to Sverre about a meeting in Norway, I mentioned that I wanted to go fishing.
It is about 4 in the morning, the party is a little quiet, and Sverre suggests we go out to the fjord to fish. We just have to sit down for a bit, then two of the guys carry the boat down to the water, and the girls provide supplies.

There is a lot of rudder, and we each have a little sweet girl to put the purchased bait on, pour coffee, serve foods, etc. The girls also fish, when they have time. The Norwegian way of catching hornfish is not very effective. I catch 80% alone, in the Danish way by river.

It starts to glow in the morning, and our "engine" falls asleep constantly. The girls stir us in. A little more life has come in the others, and the party goes on. I talk to my worm-keeper (too intimate in her guy's opinion), a privilege one has as President. So completely innocent, just because you are under the same quilt, you can just talk. It's just so cold when the morning dew falls.

One of the guys wraps the hornfish in silver paper and puts them in the glows. They get a while, sprinkle with salt, and eat with great pleasure like chips. I refrain, my stomach is a little uneasy.
The sun is rising, new people are getting here, and we are continuing the meeting.

In the afternoon there will be time to fish a bit from the rocks. Willy even manages to catch a hornfish. The meeting continues, interrupted by dinner, and just like yesterday it ends with a party. The rumour of our presence has spread, so lots of people joins in. Everybody has brought a jar of home brew, and we have to taste it all: We do have to good manners!

A few years ago, there was one who was allowed to open the only liquor store in a few hundred kilometres away from the nearest. It closed again, no one bothered to buy booze for the 200-300 kroner bottle, when for generations they have made it (illegally) for 10-15 kroner a litre.

I was really going to sleep this night, but there are so many to talk to, and so much to taste, so I don't get to sleep tonight either.
I get to sleep, even in a bed, for one hour between 12 and 13, but can't sleep. Then we are driven by a beautiful route through the area, and end up in Oslo city. Here we see Karl Johan, and the other street. Well, quite frankly: Sverre shows us around Oslo, and we get to see most of the sights.

At the end of the evening, we end at the ferry, leave and board at the last minute. Gets a little to eat, and aims to get a good night's sleep. We just have to watch a movie in the cinema, to relax.
I get visual disturbances and they develop into a severe migraine attack. The wind freshens up, and Migraines and high seafaring are not exactly the strong side of my stomach. Spends half the night in front of the barrel.
More than just plain worn down, I get back to Copenhagen, unpack the MC and drive home, get a quick shower, and go to work. I fall asleep early in the evening.

Price: 0 kroner.


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