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Italy offers a lot, but on this tour, I will concentrate on the north-western part, as I have been exploring other areas in the past. It will be a drive along the coast to see a few of the things I consider highlights, all the way down to Rome and the Vatican. Then back to Switzerland through the central parts. The main attraction will be the drive and whatever I see along the road.
ITALY  (northern half) LP Edit.11, 2014 Tower/Vespa
196 Ventimiglia Giardini Botanici Hanbury BG 43.784749, 7.554333
  Campground, Camping, Campeggio Helios 43.785656, 7.631183
180 Portofino The rich payground 44.303397, 9.208738
  No chance  
183 Cinque Terre road th. Parco Nazionale delle Cinque Terre 44.132029, 9.707615
  Small seaside villages along.  
190 Riomaggiore Small houses down to the harbour 44.098948, 9.737316
  Camping San Michele 44.175094, 9.633775
515 Lucca Big, old town 43.842684, 10.503686
508 Pisa Piazza dei Miracoli:  4,47m 43.722634, 10.394708
  Toscana Village Srl 327kr 43.676150, 10.753087
556 Massa Marittima Nice town 43.049390, 10.889138
  Vallicella Camping Village 42.912984, 10.852487


544 San Gimignano Old towers 43.467543, 11.043515
  Campeggio Il Boschetto di Piemma 43.453397, 11.053656
From Rome, I just swing it up to San Marino. Venice will be another time 45.868947, 7.165547

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