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 Realizing I have a few unexplored countries left in the great Central America, I planned to travel those in the winter of 2019-20. The weather should be nice in December and forward, where the rain have stopped, the hurricanes are gone and the temperature just right.
While I have seen the Caribbean countries, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama and the northern South America coast with Colombia, Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana (but not Venesuela), this narrow stretch is still unfamiliar.
Belize, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador should offer quite some great sights with nature, old towns, Mayan ruins and beaches. A car in each country should bring me around, and at the same time offer me the chance to enjoy whatever I find in-between. While the distances might not look big on the map, the mountainous countries does make them feel that way. 

I had 11 great weeks, travelling these countries. However, Belize was not only expensive, it was disappointing. It does not have the altitudes the other countries on the tour have, and its beaches are a joke. Guatemala, on the other hand have some astonishing nature and nice old cities.

Honduras have been such a pleasant experience, with a lot of nice nature, so smiling people and good roads. Especially Copán and Lago de Yojoa is in a class of their own. I have taken 1800 photos: HIGHLIGHTS, driven 2048 kilometres by myself, and enjoyed them all.

Nicaragua have been a great experience. It feel so safe and easy accessible, filled with great nature and smiling people. I really like León old town, and the active volcano Masaya with its orange bobbling lava is astonishing. The afternoon in company with the egg-laying Olive Ridley at Refugio de Vida Silveste la Flor was another great experience. I have driven 2525 kilometres myself, and made 2666 photos: HIGHLIGHTS.

El Salvador  have been a great tour. I only driven 1434 kilometres myself, but I fell I have covered the little country well. I have taken 2060 photos: HIGHLIGHTS, and in general had a great time. Here are so many nice mountains, covered in plants, smiling faces in villages and towns, and especially Suchitoto town and the little mangrove in El Tunco are adorable, while the pyramid of Tazumal is great.

Belize was honestly not the awesome nature experience, I had hoped for. Way too much is wetland and savannah, with not that much interesting sights nor plants. The few towns are not that interesting either, and the beach a joke. I have taken 2521 photos: HIGHLIGHTS, driven 2310 kilometres myself.

Guatemala turned out to be way better than expected. It is for sure the most beautiful and interesting country around here. The perfect beaches, the high mountains, rainforest, desert, lovely old towns and so nice people. And in contrast to the surounding countries, Guatemalans work hard. It is a land in progress, in a whole other way. Better roads, more factories, better schools and so on. The three weeks I have spend here is a minimum!
I have taken 4693 photos
HIGHLIHGHTS, driven 1624 kilometres myself, and about the same in busses.

Rough map.