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Diary Thomas  John  Croix

I might not have found many sights on the islands, but I will visit all three major islands. For once, I actually look forward to wander around in the towns with their so-strange names like "Wimmelskaftet". It was, after all, Danish colonies once. As I'm not going far out in the countryside, I have chosen to walk around. St John is by ferry and back.
836 St Thomas    
836 Charlotte Amalie Historical town  
837   Fort Christian 1820'27.3"N 6455'48.3"W
837b   Government House 1820'32.6"N 6455'45.2"W
837c   Blackbeard's Castle, views 1820'37.7"N 6455'46.8"W
838   Frenchtown 1820'18.5"N 6456'27.4"W
Midtown Guest House 1820'32.8"N 6455'52.0"W
Ferry 2,5 km walk 1819'52.3"N 6455'28.7"W
845 St John One day by boat Walking  
846 Cruz Bay And ferry? 1819'39.8"N 6447'36.4"W
846b Virgin Islands NP Tracking.  5,5 km to point: 1820'33.3"N 6445'32.4"W
17/3 Airport St Thomas STT 1819'56.8"N 6458'14.3"W
852 St Croix Walking  
852 Christiansted Ch Nat. Historical Site 1744'49.2"N 6442'10.6"W
Ric Richmond Inn 1744'40.7"N 6442'55.9"W
Airport STX 1741'56.1"N 6447'50.5"W

Photos   Map & Plan   Diary Thomas  John  Croix