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Diary Thomas  John  Croix

From St Thomas and Diary 1, I am now entering the larger island of St Croix.
Again, I have chosen to walk around, as my main interest is the city of Christiansted. However, it would have been nice to have a car for the 17 kilometres from the airport to the hotel.

I had not expected a bus, but the lack of taxis was unexpected. Well, I can walk the 2500 metres up to the highway. It is through rather uninspiring bush land, and the fare mountains does not look any more interesting. I might pass an old Danish sugar mill,  but no information is provided.
I wait for quite some time at the highway, but apparently, there are no busses. Only a few cars passes me, and it is a bit hard to get a lift. Finally, a gentleman offers me a ride half the way, and from here, I get another lift.

The hotel is not where the dot on the map is, nor where the GPS points they offers leads. The phone is answered by a machine. It is getting dark fast, and I have heard, there should be a police station further down the street; they might know. On the way, I stumble over the hotel! It sure look closed and deserted, and I do a tour around. In the back, on second floor, I find the owner on a porch, and I get my room. It is by far the most expensive hotel, and pretty much the most shitty.

I just misses the deli at the supermarket, and I have to improvise something my self: Bred, cheese and bananas. I add a huge Sneakers Almond and a Malta, just to be sure I get calories enough. Back through the dark, and a short evening at the office.

18. I get an early start, and right around the corner, I find the old Danish town of Christiansted. I had expected a large town with an old centre, but it is almost only old houses. Unfortunately, many of them are badly neglected. Even the big church is falling apart. 

Many of the street names are in what appears to be old Danish signs, but they have been translated. Even the hotel is named King Christian, not as it ought to: Kong Christian. I zigzag through the old town centre, and end up at the little yellow Danish fortress; Christianværn. In front of it is a real nice custom house, but both could do with some paint.

I do a walk around the little fortress, and see the dungeons, the blackpowder storage and the canons. Of cause, there is a great view over the port, and the water is incredible blue.
At half pass eight, I have seen pretty much what I came for, and sit down for a mug of tea while I re-plan. I end up walking the streets numerous times again, and manages to find a few more real nice houses and the old market.

Along the pier, a few tourist shops, bars and restaurants are found. An old Danish windmill houses a bar. Like in Charlotte Amalie, here are free roaming hens everywhere. Under the tables in the restaurants, in front of the fortress - everywhere! They look like traditional Danish farm-hens, and might be the descendants of just that.

I eat lunch with sea view, walk some more, find new angles as the sun move around, but at three, I give up. Then I head out of town along the beach, and head into the hills outside town.
They are covered in dense bushes, and real hard to penetrate. I find a few roads, leading into them, but besides from the huge Cereus, here are not really any interesting plants. At six, I return home to work with the 400 photos of the day. Christiansted have fare from been as great a adventure as Charlotte Amalie. 

19. My flight is changed to noon, and as I kind of have seen the town, I have little else to do, but head out by taxi to the airport and start reading about Saint Kitts and Nevis. On the way, we pass the re-opened oil-refinery and what I assumed was another part of it, is actually Captain Morgan's huge distillery. Instead of a late direct afternoon flight, I get to spend five hours in Puerto Rico.

The US Virgin Islands have been interesting, especially seen with a Danes eyes. Especially Charlotte Amalie was worth it. I have walked many miles, taken 1302 photos and spend a bit more money than expected, mainly due to St Croix:

Shared*  (part of a 92 day tour) 918 137
Flight here and in-between islands 1.351 202
Local transport 304 45
Entrance 147 22
Hotels 3.434 513
Food 855 128
Other: Gear, souvenirs 94 14
TOTAL: 7.103 1.060
*) Error flights+London, return DK, insurance, vaccinations, guidebook, gear i.e.

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