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There are six distinct groups of orchids found in Vietnam. On the right, I have found some typical photos, showing the subfamilies characteristic.

The first group is the subfamily of Apostasioideae. It only have two genera with 15 species. In lack of other vascular name, I will call the "palm leaved-like". The inflorescent bears medium sized flowers, which can be more or less scatted. They are mainly terrestrial.

Second group contains the subfamily of Cypripedioideae, known as the "Lady's slipper orchids". Of its five genera with 120 species, only Paphiopedilum is found in Vietnam. Single, large flowers. Those orchids are in general epiphytic.

Third group is made of the subfamily of Spiranthoideae, which counts 95 genera with around 550 species. 18 of these genera can be found in Vietnam. Tiny flowers on a open, erect stalk. They are mainly terrestrial.

Forth group counts the numerous genera of the subfamily Orchidoideae known as the "Orchidoid orchids". They are mostly terrestrials with tubers or fleshy rhizomes. Medium size flowers sits on a rather open, erect inflorescent. They are mainly terrestrial too.

Fifth group is the huge subfamily of Epidendroideae. 576 genera with over 15,000 species. In Vietnam, four sub-groups are found: The primitive tribes (Lower Epidendroids), Epidendroid,  Dendrobioid and finaly Cymbidioid. In total, 60 genra can be found in Vietnam. A common characteristic is the more or less visible pseudubulbs. The flowers are rather large, sitting singularly on the stalks. They are mainly epiphytic, but there are a few terrestrial.

Sixth and last group holds the subfamily Vandoideae.  There are about 300 genera and 5000 species. Of these, 53 genera are present in Vietnam. The are easily recognised by their "fish-bone" structure. The flowers are relatively large, sitting in small till large groups.


ORCHIDACEAE Juss.  This list below only contain genera, not species. The key.

Subfam. 1. Apostasioideae Reichenb
Apostasia Blume, Neuwiedia Blume

Subfam. 2. Cypripedioideae Lindl.
Paphiopedilum Pfitz.

Subfam. 3. Spiranthoideae Dressler
Trib. 3.1. Tropidieae Dressler
Corymborkis Thouars, Tropidia Lindl.
Trib. 3.2. Cranichideae Endlicher
Subtrib. 3.2.1. Goodyerinae Klotzsch

Anoectochilus Blume, Cheirostylis Blume, Erythrodes Blume, Goodyera R. Br., Herpysma Lindl., Hetaeria Blume, Ludisia A. Rich., Macodes Lindl., Myrmechis Blume, Odontochilus Blume, Orchipedum Breda, Rhomboda Lindl., Vrydagzynea Blume, Zeuxine Lindl., Zeuxinella Aver.
Subtrib. 3.2.2. Spiranthinae Lindl.
Spiranthes L.C. Rich

Subfam. 4. Orchidoideae
Trib. 4.1. Diurideae Endlicher
Subtrib. 4.1.1. Acianthinae Schlecht.
Corybas Salisb.
Subtrib. 4.1.2. Cryptostylidinae Schlecht.
Cryptostylis R. Br.
Trib. 4.2. Orchideae
Subtrib. 4.2.1. Orchidinae
Amitostigma Schlecht., Brachycorythis Lindl., Hemipilia Lindl., Platanthera L.C. Rich., Vietorchis Aver. et Averyanova
Subtrib. 4.2.2. Habenariinae Benth.
Diplomeris D. Don, Habenaria Willd., Herminium R. Br., Pecteilis Rafin., Peristylus Blume

Subfam. 5. Epidendroideae Lindl.
Group of primitive tribes
Trib. 5.1. Neottieae Lindl.
Aphyllorchis Blume, Epipactis Sw., Listera R. Br.
Trib. 5.2. Vanilleae Blume
Subtrib. 5.2.1. Galeolinae Garay
Cyrtosia Blume, Erythrorchis Blume, Galeola Lour.
Subtrib. 5.2.2. Vanillinae Lindl.
Vanilla Sw.
Subtrib. 5.2.3. Lecanorchidinae Dressler
Lecanorchis Blume
Trib. 5.3. Gastrodieae Lindl.
Subtrib. 5.3.1. Gastrodiinae Lindl.
Didymoplexiella Garay, Didymoplexiopsis Seidenf., Didymoplexis Griff., Gastrodia R. Br., Yoania Maxim.
Subtrib. 5.3.2. Epipogiinae Schlecht.
Epipogium R. Br., Stereosandra Blume
Trib. 5.4. Nervilieae Dressler
Nervilia Gaudich.
Epidendroid group
Trib. 5.5. Arethuseae Lindl.
Subtrib. 5.5.1. Arundinae Dressler
Arundina Blume
Subtrib. 5.5.2. Bletiinae Benth.
Acanthephippium Blume, Anthogonium Lindl., Bletia Ruiz et Pavon, Calanthe R. Br., Cephalantheropsis Guillaum., Eriodes Seidenf., Hancockia Rolfe, Mischobulbon Schlecht., Nephelaphyllum Blume, Pachystoma Blume, Phaius Lour., Plocoglottis Blume, Spathoglottis Blume, Tainia Blume
Trib. 5.6. Malaxideae Lindl.
Subtrib. 5.6.1. Malaxidinae Benth. et Hook. f.
Liparis L.C. Rich., Malaxis Sw.
Subtrib. 5.6.2. Oberoniinae Aver.
Hippeophyllum Schlecht., Oberonia Lindl.
Trib. 5.7. Coelogyneae Pfitz.
Subtrib. 5.7.1. Thuniinae Schlecht.
Thunia Reichenb.
Subtrib. 5.7.2. Coelogyninae Bentham
Coelogyne Lindl., Neogyna Reichenb. f., Otochilus Lindl., Panisea Steud., Pholidota Hook., Pleione D. Don
Trib. 5.8. Epidendreae Humb., Bonpl. et Kunth
Subtrib. 5.8.1. Glomerinae Schlecht.
Agrostophyllum Blume
Subtrib. 5.8.2. Polystachyinae Pfitz.
Polystachya Hook.
Dendrobioid group
Trib. 5.9. Podochileae Pfitz.
Subtrib. 5.9.1. Eriinae Benth.
Callostylis Blume, Ceratostylis Blume, Cryptochilus Wall., Eria Lindl.,Porpax Lindl., Trichotosia Blume
Subtrib. 5.9.2. Podochilinae Benth. et Hook.
Appendicula Blume, Podochilus Blume
Subtrib. 5.9.3. Thelasiinae Schlecht.
Phreatia Lindl., Thelasis Blume
Subtrib. 5.9.4. Dendrobiinae Lindl.
Dendrobium Sw., Epigeneium Gagnep., Flickingeria Hawkes
Subtrib. 5.9.5. Bulbophyllinae Schlecht.
Bulbophyllum Thouars, Hamularia Aver., Monomeria Lindl., Sunipia Smith, Trias Lindl.
Cymbidioid group
Trib. 5.10. Cymbidieae Pfitz.
Subtrib. 5.10.1. Bromheadiinae Dressler
Bromheadia Lindl.
Subtrib. 5.10.2. Eulophiinae Benth.
Eulophia R. Br., Dipodium R. Br., Geodorum Jackson
Subtrib. 5.10.3. Collabiinae Schlecht.
Chrysoglossum Blume, Collabium Blume, Diglyphosa Blume
Subtrib. 5.10.4. Thecostelinae Schlecht.
Thecopus Seidenf., Thecostele Reichenb.
Subtrib. 5.10.5. Cymbidiinae Benth.
Cremastra Lindl., Cymbidium Sw.
Subtrib. 5.10.6. Acriopsidinae Dressler
Acriopsis Blume

Subfam. 6. Vandoideae
Trib. 6.1. Vandeae Lindl.
Subtrib. 6.1.1. Aeridinae Pfitz.
Acampe Lindl., Adenoncos Blume, Aerides Lour., Arachnis Blume, Ascocentrum Schlecht., Ascocentropsis Senghas&Schildh., Biermannia King etPantl., Brachypeza Garay, Chiloschista Lindl., Christensonia Haager, Cleisocentron Bruehl, Cleisomeria G. Don, Cleisostoma Blume, Cleisostomopsis Seidenf., Cryptopylos Garay, Diploprora Hook. f., Doritis Lindl., Eparmatostigma Garay, Esmeralda Reichenb., Gastrochilus D. Don, Grossourdya Reichenb., Holcoglossum Schlecht., Hygrochilus Pfitz., Kingidium P.F. Hunt, Luisia Gaudich., Malleola J.J. Smith, Micropera Lindl., Microsaccus Blume, Ornithochilus Lindl., Papilionanthe Schlecht., Parapteroceras Aver., Pelatantheria Ridl., Pennilabium J.J. Smith, Phalaenopsis Blume, Pomatocalpa Breda, Pteroceras Hassk., Renanthera Lour., Rhynchostylis Blume, Rhynchogyna Seidenf. et Garay, Robiquetia Gaudich., Saccolabiopsis J.J. Smith, Sarcoglyphis Garay, Schoenorchis Blume, Smitinandia Holttum, Stereochilus Lindl., Staurochilus Pfitz., Taeniophyllum Blume, Thrixspermum Lour., Trichoglottis Blume, Tuberolabium Yamamoto, Uncifera Lindl., Vanda Jones, Vandopsis Pfitz.

Subf. 1: Apostasia wallichii.

Subf.1: Neuwiedia zollingeri

Subf.2: Paphiopedilum vietnamense

Subf. 3: Anoectochilus annamensis

Subf 3: Goodyera viridiflora

Subf.4: Amitostigma keiskeoides

Subf.5, Primitive: Aphyllorchis caudata

Subf. 5, Epidendroid grp: Coelogyne trinervis

Subf. 5, Dendrobioid grp:Epigeneium amplum

Subf.5, Cymbidioid grp: Bromheadia grandiflora

Subf.6: Vandoideae grp: Acampe papillosa

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