Namibia  Packing List
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Map and Plan   

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 No doubt: It is impossible to figure exactly what to bring. I have no doubt we will be able to obtain a lot of stuff while we are in Namibia. Never the less; it would be convenient to bring it along from the start, avoiding to be forced to drive into town. On the other hand; I would hate to be caring stuff around or even loos it in a airport, which I eventually never had any use for in the first place!

 This is in extreme contrast with the usual 2-3 kilos of luggage I normally bring for a month in a warm country. But this time we will be self containing, and camping and cooking gear is essential. Further more; the usual daily washing of cloths is not possible in the dessert. That causes for some spare T-shirts! 

 The lists below contains what I decided to bring from home. First stop in Namibia (besides from a ATM) should be cooking gas and alike, and a food store to get fresh fruit, dried and canned food and alike. The stuff marked with red was not necessarily after all.

Cloths: Technical gear:
Heavy pans for protection in i. e. acacia shrub 3 cameras (because I have) Ixus 40+40+75
10 T-shirts, underwear, socks Plenty of rechargeable batteries
Light pans and shorts Plenty of memory!!!
Wide hat for sun protection Asus 900 eee computer
Tongs and heavy boots Charger for 12V and one for 230V
Small bag for excursions 12V to 230V converter.
Bag for flight Cellar phone and charger - just to be safe
Bag for daily organising HP Palm PC with GPS and charger - just to be safe
Fleece jacked Extension core for 12V
Small igloo tent Soil and climate testing gear (humid, temp, pH...)
Light sleeping bag Goggles 12x25
Thick air-mattress for comfort Knife for slaughtering nosy lions
  Plate, fork, spoon, knife
Paper: Watch, compass,
Passport Dishwashing gear
Note book  
Lonely Planet guide Toilet gear.
Health insurance  
Map Bags to get organised in.
Record for tests