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MALAYSIA  13-29/12 1990    DIARY  3

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 From Diary 2
25. Starting the morning, a little late, cleaning up the buffet. Then down to the water to wander around for a few hours. I am currently so camouflaged that I can hide on a beige coloured rug, with ample red wine and coffee spots. Going home to enjoy a few litres of coffee, and a few chapters in a good book.

Bear in mind that I have "saved" the area east of the hotel for just such a day. Gets the Dr Lieberking stuff and mashes into the jungle. This time with a stick, as Albert told me he'll never go without, because of the snakes. Suddenly comes to a clearing where the work team from the hotel has been working. Graves, 30 baths, countless door handles and drawers float everywhere. The two-storey building they have been in, has gradually been taken over by nature.

Going on by an overgrown road, leading to an abandoned mansion villa. Explores it, which is a powerful psychological experience. Coming out with a neck that an average hedgehog would envy me.
Coming to a puddle in the wheel track where, to my great surprise, I discover 30-40 tadpoles. In a mud patch in the second wheel track, giant ants are cleaning up after another litter of tadpoles, which has been betrayed by the last little week's rain shortage. However, find 5 four-legged tails that the ants haven't caught.

I head on, leaving a wide trail of turned stones and pieces of wood. Some of the only things I find are centipedes, ants, termites, and a little toad that looks like a Bufo bufo but more likely is B. asiatica.
Suddenly, in the middle of no-where, I find a small temple where people leave offerings. By whom I have no idea. The next thing I come by is a small waterfall, which I manage to fall into, as I try to find the best photo angle. I head on, until I get to the most beautiful jungle view I've ever seen.
Dusk begins to blur the contours, and since you have a duty to tell the police that you go for a walk in the woods (even local have), I rather, though reluctantly, return.

To make up for my Christmas dinner on the 24th, I head down to the hotel restaurant. They have a Christmas dinner on the program today. They expect a great deal, but I reach 3/4 through the 6 dishes before any others show up.
However, it does not matter the least, since I feel far from lonely. On request, I am informed that including pianist and dishwasher, there are 23 at work in the restaurant, the 12 as servants for me.

The menu is: Salmon fillet with lobster mousse stuffing, chicken meat soup, some steamed fish, a port wine glass with green sweet tasty ice-cream, duck breast and chocolate mousse. All with an abundance of ​​accessories, followed by coffee and confectionery. All the glory for "only" 300 kroner. I dare not think at all, what it would have cost with wine and alcohol.

Didn't mention that there is a damn render in the room throughout the day. First one arrives and changes bed linen and towels. An hour later, one comes and fills the barge, then one comes and checks the others. In the afternoon there will be one to replace the towels if necessary. Only in the evening will the carpet be pulled off and pulled off. About once an hour, around the clock, a lace-armed guard patrols.
Well, the day has gradually passed, the Norwegian is out with his second, or is the third date today, and I'm going to bed.

26. Get up, hear about the Norwegian's last experiences, morning buffet and a walk along the beach. Will be picked up by the two Danes at 11am, and then head out to "Hippie Water Fall". Wonderful scenery, some local and a sun setting. Dutchmen Pipes plants stands scattered over a fairly dry clearing. In one place, an ants nest the size of a child's head 2 meters hangs up in a tree.
Leaves the other two at the big fall, and enters the jungle. Mash around for 2 hours, parallel to the river. See a lot of animals (according to Malaysian conditions), and comes "by chance" to catch a giant centipede and some very small frogs.

Finds back to the Great Fall, and sits under the Fall, talking for an hour. In fact, one sits perfectly comfortable under such a waterfall beam.
On the way back to the fairway, we see a snake similar to those in the temple, here it is shy and poisonous.

Back to the hotel to recuperate for a few hours before going up the track I found yesterday. The watering hole as of yesterday contained the tadpoles, and the last baby frogs; picked up by the ants. Sad !!
I reach relatively quickly to the place I reached yesterday, and then continue more slowly, with all senses excited. Teaches that when one is about to fall in a forest, do not just grab the nearest tree. Namely, a snake can be shaken down. Unfortunately did not have time to photograph it - but at least, it did not have the time to bite either.

Walk off the trail, and see frogs, helmet maggots, butterflies, birds and grasshoppers in all shapes and colours. Follows a small stream down the mountain. One motive reveals itself after another. Unfortunately, a flash is required so I take only a few photos, the rest I have to have in my heart and memory.

Is suddenly out in the open, close to the beach road, about 4-5 kilometres from the hotel. Crosses the road and crawls and climbs back off the rocks. Surprising a monitor of one meter, gets some solid bruises and scratches, but also the pleasure of scaring a local fisherman into the water. He was sure, he had reached as far as you can get. He sits thinking of tigers, and then I come frantically from the other side!

Coming home, finally, and having a shower, then down to drinking coffee and reading a few chapters of a book. It really doesn't matter that I'm going home tomorrow. I have seen everything within easy reach, and still unable to travel to Kuala Lumpur or Singapore (not financially at all).

End the evening watching "Robocop", an American movie that is quite good. Get a little hungry and find the room service menu. Order 2 sandwiches for 15 kroner each. Seemed a bit expensive until 5 minutes later. There are actually 4 sandwiches, pumpkin strips, salad and other accessories. Goofs at me, puts the tray of dishes outside the door, calls and it is immediately removed. God knows what it will cost to have that system installed at home in Grønnegade?

Saying goodbye to the Norwegian, and urging him to stay away from Denmark, as I consider it my territory. He immediately tells about the 3 Danish girls he has fallen in love with. I feel like a eunuch. A dead eunuch. Well, then a sleeper then.

27. Get up early, skip the buffet to reach a bus to Georges Town, and arrive half an hour before others, including those who open the shops. Find a patisserie with the nice name "Maxime", and get morning coffee there.
Walking around and looking for a waterproof plastic box to carry the tadpoles home in. The first cans I find are not for sale. These are gifts to supermarket customers who buy, for example, 3 litres of milk. Well, the search go on and after an hour find a scary business that has everything in plastic cans and buckets. It's just en gross, so I'm leave empty-handed.

Finally (I think) they can buy one at a time. Unfortunately, the lid falls off at the slightest touch.
The next stall I find (after 100 kilometres) has cans with screw caps. Immediately buys one, and only discovers at the hotel, that it is not waterproof.

Walking around at the same time looking for a very flat watch. Saw one the first day, and expected to see more. Have been running around for 12 days, without finding one that is so thin. Have just given up, when it's suddenly there. Get the price down to the reasonable, and walk from there with light spring.

Also went and looked for a nice jacket, for my over-the-top Lene who fits my 110 houseplants. Have an idea of ​​what she wants, but haven't seen anything like that. The local style says: Batik, and in the end I (and she) have to find myself with it.

Should have also found me a few new shoes, as the ones I've worn most of the time, are pretty much done.
I soon well fried and tired, despite a few cola and coffee breaks. Taking a taxi home and paying off my debt at reception. Phone calls, breakfast, Christmas dinner and a few small things total $ 370, about 1000 kroner.

Going up and packing as I foresee it can be a bit problematic. It actually goes really easy, thanks to the new big backpack I bought in Georges Town. The two wooden masks are wrapped in all the clothes that I have towed from Denmark and have not used (until now).

Heading down for the last time to get a few cups of coffee, and a few chapters in the book. Then down to the beach to "say goodbye" to the ocean, and check the small waves are working. After studying them for a few hours, I must ascertain; they do.
Reads the rest of the book and orders room service. Turns on the TV, and sees a real fun, but also creepy Japanese vampire / devil / demon / zombie movie. It was like that holiday, good night.

28. Being awakened a few times, by something I think is a starling, but which turns out to be a horny gecko.
Finally, it is the abominable ring of the alarm clock that interrupts the coma-like state of sleep. Eat me well round at breakfast buffet, as plane meals are a bit small. Pay the last bills, and listen a little to what the others have experienced. That is not much!

The bus arrives and on the way to the airport, the guide has good and bad news. The plane has landed ahead of time, so we might get home sooner. On the other hand, there was no room for the duty-free goods: That calls for crises!, and a quiet giggle from me, as I did not buy duty-free.

Obviously arrives an hour late, and is then further delayed by headwinds. Experience a sunrise of about 2 hours, and a lot of small meals.
Landing in Kastrup a few hours late, finding my suitcase and placing me deliberately in the customs queue behind an old bumbling alcoholic. The trick works; the customs officer stops him, and I let go with my animals and plants.
Denmark turns out to be a cold and windy place, but thank goodness populated by some wonderful people.

Price about 15,000 kroner


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