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To plan my tour, I have found some maps.

The main purpose is to find and inspect wild plants. They are scatted all over the country, and I will be look for them on the tour.
Along the route, some other sights of interest are found. There is a list of those below the map.

THE PLAN FOR LESOTHO - MK I (Changes may have to be made)

  NO    WHY From here to
Caledonspoort Bdr. 16 Border from ZA  
Mateka (Ha Maketa) 5 Kome Caves, Hobbit houses 135km/2,5H
Semonkong 3 Rough scenery, Maletsunyane Fall 192m 114km/2H
Thaba Bosiu 2 High plateau, Views 73km/1H
Mohale Dam 9 The drive up here 142km/2,10H
Katse Dam 10 The drive up here, the wall: 185 m high Nearby
Katse Alpine BG 12 Indigenous flora; Orchids, Aloes 52KM/1H?
Mafika-Lisui Pass 11 3090m Views 68KM/1.30H
Moteng Pass 6 2840m views ? KM/3H
Tlaeeng Pass 7 3275m views, afro-alpine vegetation. ? KM/0,5H
Sani Pass 8 Way out to ZA and then Swaziland 554KM/8H
Those I skipped:      
Maseru 1 Capital, sleepy - not much to see  
Ketane Fall 4 122 m fall, 5km from Ha Bati. Isolated.  
Qacha's Nek 14 Border Alternative  
Sehlabatheba NP 15 2400m, views, Isolated.  
Quthing   Border city - if I came from south...  

App 1000 km

  A lot of driving to connect the dots....  




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