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In an effort to experience the fare part of my own country, I have made a tour around the huge peninsular which make up the western part of the country. It does hold so much more, but I have only chosen what I consider to be some highlights.

JUTLAND 2019 Page numbers from: Lonely Planet; Denmark 2015
Number Name Why? GPS
185 SOUTH Map 1886  
186 Small castle Small fortress in Kolding 55°29'28.3"N 9°28'33.8"E
187 Borchs Gård Kolding House from 1595 and 1589 55°29'23.0"N 9°28'22.6"E
187b Helligkorsgade 18 Kolding's oldest house: 1589 55°29'20.7"N 9°28'28.8"E
191 Sønderho på Fanø Nice  1600 town 55°20'54.6"N 8°28'11.1"E
193 Ribe Denmark's oldest town 55°19'40.1"N 8°45'43.6"E
193b Ribe Domkirke See the marsh from a 52 meter tower 55°19'40.1"N 8°45'43.6"E
198 Vadehavet See something flat... 55°20'25.1"N 8°40'35.5"E
198b Rømø Kommandørgården, the island 55°09'58.9"N 8°33'16.3"E
200 Tønder Water tower view 54°55'57.1"N 8°52'03.9"E
200b   Uldgade 54°56'04.0"N 8°52'13.5"E
202 Gråsten Palads   54°55'33.6"N 9°35'45.0"E
202b Møgeltønder The town, Schackenborgborg 54°56'27.1"N 8°48'10.8"E
205 MIDDLE Map 206  
208 Århus Den Gamle By and BG - seen them 56°09'34.4"N 10°11'35.9"E
221 Æbletoft Old houses 56°11'46.9"N 10°40'39.7"E
221b   Fregatten Jylland 56°11'57.3"N 10°40'27.2"E
222 Mols Bjerge National Park 56°12'56.4"N 10°32'40.7"E
222b Thorsager Kirke The only round church in Jutland 56°20'31.3"N 10°27'38.9"E
224 Silkeborg Lakes, Hjejlen 56°10'11.2"N 9°33'21.5"E
224b Mørupstenen Jutland's largest boulder 56°06'54.9"N 8°54'57.8"E
229 Himmelbjerget Seen it... 56°06'18.6"N 9°41'05.8"E
230 Jellinge The stones 55°45'23.6"N 9°25'10.4"E
234 Randers Rainforest and old houses 56°27'27.5"N 10°01'54.6"E
234b Daugbjerg Kalkmine Just because I want to see it 56°26'18.4"N 9°07'49.7"E
235 Rebil Bakker Heather 56°49'58.3"N 9°50'12.9"E
235b   Rold Forest 56°48'42.3"N 9°52'56.2"E
236 Fyrkat Viking Ring Fortress 56°37'28.7"N 9°46'23.4"E
237 Viborg Sankt Mogens Gade: Old houses 56°27'10.5"N 9°24'42.9"E
240 NORTH Map 242  
251 Skagen Grenen, Tilsandede Kirke 57°42'50.1"N 10°33'02.3"E
255 Råbjerg Mile More sand 57°39'05.6"N 10°24'35.8"E
258 Rubjerg Knude More sand with a light tower 57°26'57.8"N 9°46'34.6"E
259 Hanstholm View over the harbour 57°07'00.4"N 8°35'41.8"E
259b Nørre Vorupør Ships on the sandy beach 56°57'31.3"N 8°22'01.4"E
300 Hundborgstenen Newly exposed big boulder 56°55'57.8"N 8°32'29.2"E


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