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 N-E INDIA                  MAP and PLAN    2015


 Map + Plan


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To gain understanding of my tour, I have found some maps. This is a rough plan, and things are likely to change along as I go. My tour is mainly about connecting Nepal, Bangladesh and Bhutan, located quite close to each other in north eastern India.

14/12     6/1 12/1 28/1 3/2 12/2 ->
Nepal   Bhutan Bangladesh India Nepal Denmark

The main purpose is to find and inspect wild plants. They are scatted all over this area, and I will be look for them on the tour, which will bring me from one hot-spot to another. Along the route, some other sights of interest are found. Especially Kalimpong which houses many nurseries and the nearby Gorumara National Park. All are located in the northern part of the Western Bengal province, just south of Sikkim.

THE PLAN FOR INDIA (North Western Bengal) - MK II
Due to the problems with finding a open border from Bangladesh, changes had to be made.

28/1 SIGHT:
Crossing border at Hili
Couldn't do it in other places!
440 km up north to Darjeeling. Missing border crossing possibility
Hotel in Balurghat for the afternoon  
29 Darjeeling BG!
ZOO or not! Closed on Thursdays - which I hit.
BG: Lloyd BG, Pamphawati Gurungni Rd. Great!
Hotel for the morning... Thought I was spending the night - ZOO closed; head on
Bus 61 km/3,5 hours  
30 Kalimpong Nurseries!
Sherpa Lodge, Ongden Rd  
Market at 10. Mile Great atmosphere
Himalayan Orchid Exports ... Real interesting meeting with owner
Nurseriman's Heaven; 9th Mile Orchids
Sherpa Lodge, Ongden Rd  
31 Through Siligury and Maynaguri 6 hours, 3 busses
1 Lake View Resort; Dooars, Gorumara National Park
2 Gorumara National Park Most rhinos and more: Don't bother!
Lake View Resort; Dooars, Gorumara National Park
3 Bus to border city; Kharibari / Kakarvitta Through Mal Bazar and Siligury

                                                                                            Diary1  2