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Although not a big country, Honduras have a lot of ancient culture and awesome nature.
I have found quite some interesting sights in Honduras, and beside from them, the journey in-between should offer a lot of amassing nature. The numbers refers to Lonely Planets 2019 book and the map below. I fly in, drive around in a rented car, but head on to Nicaragua by bus.
The numbers refers to the pages in Lonely Planet's Central America 2019E, and the location on the map below.
  HONDURAS Lonely Planet 2019E  
Z1 First night B&G Lodge 15°26'13.0"N 87°54'58.1"W
Car Alamo In the airport 15°27'24.6"N 87°55'47.2"W
393 Tela To see the BG 15°47'01.3"N 87°27'05.6"W
393H Hotel Bertha Sleep L250 15°47'00.5"N 87°26'56.3"W
394 Garifuna Villages La Ensenada. Walk along beach 15°48'17.8"N 87°25'51.8"W
395 Lacetilla Jardín Botanica Huge BG 05-17. 15°46'05.1"N 87°27'25.8"W
395H Cabians in the BG Sleep L545 15°44'27.8"N 87°27'22.5"W
402 Tryjillo Old town, wooden houses in C. 15°55'12.2"N 85°57'12.8"W
403 Fortaleza S. Bárbara Old Spanish fortress 15°55'15.2"N 85°57'11.4"W
402H Hotel Emperador (Tela Bertha) Sleep L250 15°55'08.3"N 85°57'14.4"W
388B Gracias Pretty town, fortress 14°35'22.1"N 88°34'52.9"W
388C Fuerte de San Cristobál Fortress 14°35'18.8"N 88°35'05.3"W
388H Jardin Cafe Hostel Sleep D L250 14°35'51.3"N 88°34'54.3"W
383 Rastrajon Ruins & sculptures 14°51'23.7"N 89°07'53.4"W
384 Copán Archeological site Ammasing ruins 14°50'23.4"N 89°08'48.1"W
388 El Bosque & Sepulturas Ruins and the walk there 14°50'28.5"N 89°08'03.9"W
378 Copán Ruinas town Cosy town near ruins 14°50'19.4"N 89°09'20.8"W
378H Madrugada Copan Sleep L360 14°50'18.3"N 89°09'15.1"W
371 La Esperanza (cold) Lenca people, market 14°18'30.9"N 88°10'39.3"W
371H Hotel Las margaritas Sleep L550 14°18'36.3"N 88°10'36.4"W
359 Tegucigalpa (crime) Plaza Morazán  14°06'18.9"N 87°12'17.1"W
359H Palmira Hostel Sleep D L216 14°06'07.6"N 87°11'28.7"W
366 Mercado Mayoreo Market Friday+Saturday 14°03'33.7"N 87°11'54.2"W
369 Comayagua Colonial old capital 14°27'36.3"N 87°38'30.9"W
369H Hotel America Inc Sleep L375 14°27'24.9"N 87°38'29.6"W
373 Lago de Yojoa In mountain & jungle with lake 14°56'37.6"N 88°02'01.5"W
373H D&D Brewery Sleep L420 14°56'47.3"N 88°02'16.4"W
375 Pulhapanzak 43 m waterfall     Around: 15°01'26.3"N 88°00'05.2"W
  Santa Barbara National Park  
  Hostal Altamira Sleep L525  
Car Alamo In the airport 15°27'24.6"N 87°55'47.2"W
375B San Pedro Sula (airport) Return car. Taxi to town L350 15km 15°30'20.5"N 88°01'30.1"W
  Hostal Altamira Sleep L525  
    On the road by bus to Nicaragua: Leon, then Esteli.

Photos  Map & Plan  Diary 1 2 3