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Gran Canaria    DIARY  7

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                  From Diary 6.
I have pretty much seen all I wanted, and only do a tour around the fertile north-western mountains, to enjoy the weather and nature. It is mainly huge canyons, but here are small fields in many places.

It seems like the invasive plants do better here, even the Opuntias and Agavas, both numerous. It is hard to find an area without a little house or inhabitant cave for that matter. I also cross through small villages from time to time.

I have driven the area before, but now, I have the time to find some plants from this habitat. The invasive Oxalis pes-caprae and the native Sonchus acaulis are flowering here for a first. I make some long strolls out the caminas, which don't seems to be used that often.

One leads to an old cable cart, found next to a nicely flowering African Aloe. Bit of an odd constellation, especially as the cart is up in the air, and have wheels. I can't shake the feeling; every time I spot an interesting plant, it is an invasive species.

I do walks in the open areas, in the forest - made up by pines, chestnuts and Eucalyptus along with some trees, I can't identify by now. I do the slightly moist areas and the shadow side of the rock walls, along the road. It is so weird, I find the same plants, but in different stages of life.

I pass several calderas; craters. If they are big enough, the flat button is farmed. One area is dominated by smooth hills, made up by fine gravel, and covered in green grass. I only see a few herds of sheep and a single black & white diary cow. I also see a few fields with lettuce and cabbage.

I turn around quite close to the coast, down of San Juan. Then I head back, once again by the smallest roads possible. And again, I have to turn around a few times, as they are too small. I have been looking for a cafe all day, but end up in a Spar supermarket, on the way home. Guess I once again have found a patchwork of small roads, unfamiliar with tourists.

I have enjoyed that more, than the café con leche for sure. But now, I am pretty sure, I have seen the better part of the island, which can be explored by car. I have so far driven 2200 kilometres on an island, 45 kilometres across. But I do have to admit; I have done nothing to limit the amount of kilometres, as I enjoy the driving, both on the highway and the narrow gravel roads. HIGHLIGHTS.

11. Besides from all the great views, the few interesting plants and the weather, one thing stands out: Then cakes I got in Tejeda. It is just over the peak of the island, and I have to test a few more cakes.

Another great drive up through the fertile foothills, then the pines and the more barren top by GC-130. I stop several times, once to have a few photos of the almond trees, which are flowering here.

Another attempt to catch a crater with the camera, but there are always shadow somewhere. I reach the pines, and then the rather large area, which have been burned down recently. The pines looses the lower needles, that is all. The succulents, on the other hand, are burned to a crisp.

I reach a clearing with green grass and a huge number of bulbs, not flowering yet, but I guess it is Pancratium maritimum. Quit close, two types of mushrooms are thriving.

Then I pass over the top, and the landscape gets real barren. Never the less, here are still a few scatted villages. A bit further down, it turns green again. Then I reach the beautiful white village of Tejeda.

I park a bit outside, and do most of the central part of town, before I find the main street, dominated by dulcerias. I try another one, but it seems like their assortment are quite the same. I pick two, and let the lady serving me, choose the third. Just as great as last time I was here, and defiantly the drive worth. Well, it is worth itself.

I sit and enjoy the sun for quite some time, before I get restless. Then I explore some of the lower parts of town, and have a peek into the rather large church. Christmas is here, both in the church and in front of the houses.

A bit redundant, I head back for the car, and start the drive back to the car-rental company. I choose another route, by GC-60 and then GC-65. Close to the peak, I pass some almonds trees, still bearing fruits.

Then I reach the arid succulent belt, with some amassing views over the almost barren mountains, in the light mist. They don't check the car at all, but I have to wait quite some time for the shuttle to the airport, as it is getting the annual electronically driving license check. 

Well, the flight is a good half hour delayed anyway, and I get to process the photos of the day, and start the diary. HIGHLIGHTS of the day.

Another great tour have come to an end, and it went out quite as expected. I have driven 2298 kilometres, made 3854 photos and spend €1143, which is €23 more than expected, but still half of what I use to spend for a day's adventure. HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE ENTIRE TOUR.
Expenses DKK
Flight 1998 263
Insurance (1/5) 200 26
Car 1678 221
Petrol 1215 160
Park & Toll 57 8
Hotel 2144 282
Stuff 213 28
Food 841 111
Admission 330 43
Total: 8675 1143

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