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 No doubt: It is impossible to figure exactly what to bring. I have no doubt I will be able to obtain some stuff while I am in Ecuador. Never the less; it would be convenient to bring it along from the start, avoiding to be forced to drive into town. On the other hand; I would hate to be caring stuff around or even loos it in a airport, which I eventually never had any use for in the first place!

 This is in extreme contrast with the usual 2-3 kilos of luggage I normally bring for a month in a warm country. But this time, I will be working in the jungle, and even camping in the wild. Further more; the usual daily washing of cloths is not possible (takes 3 days to dry), and I'm fare from sure of the climate. In the lowlands, it is tropical, in the heights; more alpine. On top of that, the rainy season will start while I'm there. And my size is normally now available in South America and Asia - it won't be in Ecador!

 The lists below contains what I decided to bring from home. First stop in Quito should aloud me to buy a few more things like mosquito repellent and -net, socks, rain poncho and shoeshine. And I am considering Wellingtons as well. The stuff marked with red was not necessarily after all.

Cloths: Technical gear:
2 Heavy trousers for tracking 2 cameras; Ixus 70+75
10 T-shirts, underwear, socks (bought more in Quito)  + 2 chargers and 7 rechargeable batteries
Light trousers and 2 pair of shorts Plenty of memory; 24 GB USB and 5,5 GB SD cards!!!
Wide hat for sun protection Asus 900 eee computer + charger for 120V
Flip-flaps and heavy boots External 40 GB hard disc
Small bag for excursions MP3 Player
Thick jacket 2 headlamps (one lasted)
Bag for daily organising Strong diving lamp + spare batteries
Fleece jacked Watch, compass, thermometer
Double layer, 3 person igloo tent Goggle 12x25
Knitted hat Toolkit
Light + heavy sleeping bag Paper:
Thin mattress Passport
Inflatable pillow Note book
Toilet gear. Health insurance
Trimmer, sunscreen, shampoo, electric toothbrush i.e. Maps
Huge bags to get non used items in. Vaccinations

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