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A tour around 17 islands by foot, flights, boats and cars


In the early 2019, I had only seen a small part of the amassing Caribbean Islands. In 1997, I went around Cuba, I enjoyed Bonaire and its fantastic diving in 2006 and again in 2008, and I explored Trinidad & Tobago in 2018.
In an attempt to escape the Danish winter (which is like a freezer; cold and dark), I planned a tour around the remaining countries and two colonies in the early 2019.

ue to some bold American ESTA rules: I am only aloud in American Airspace for 90 days. And American Airspace is Mexico, the entire Caribbean and way more. And they start the clock as I leave London till I touch down in Paris. I ended up spending 28 hours in Gatwick! And my new ticket to Bahamas turned out to be to Barbados! I spend a night and headed on. A waste of one day and 7.000 DKK/US$1100.  

Then I get on track, and I started out in the north-western corner and ended down south-east. It is the perfect time of year, although it did rain a bit more than the average year. Just after the rainy season, when things are green and lush, no hurricanes and perfect temperatures.
The little backpack is fare from full, and it weights only 3,0 kg, but I doubted I would need much more, and things can be bought. All I bought was an umbrella.  I will be wearing additional 1,7 kg: Flip-flops, camera, trouser and alike. A total below 5 kg, and real comfortable.
The plan for the three months: (read the diary and see the pictures under each country):
25/1 Bahamas: Only New Providence and Great Bahamas The best photos
3/2   Jamaica    The best photos
15/2 Haiti   The best photos
22/2 Dominican Republic    The best photos
7/3   Puerto Rico (US)    The best photos
14/3 Virgin Islands (US): Thomas, St John and St Croix    The best photos
19/3 Saint Kitts and Nevis    The best photos
25/3 Antigua and Barbuda, but not Barbuda    The best photos
30/3 Dominica    The best photos
6/4   Saint Lucia    The best photos
11/4 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, but not the Grenadines    The best photos
13/4 Grenada    The best photos
20/4 Barbados    The best photos
27/4 Denmark     
That kept me warm and entertained for three months. Besides from the ESTA problems in the beginning, and a riot in Haiti, it pretty much went real smooth, and I did see a lot of ice nature, besides from the perfect beaches. That said, some islands are significantly more interesting than others. I especially enjoyed the Virgin Islands (US) and Dominica The best 117 photos

I will not be visiting all of the minor islands, nor some of the colonies:
Aruba (NL) 
Curaçao (NL)
Guadeloupe (FR)
Martinique (FR), although I do a stop-over here breathily.
Montserrat (UK)
Virgin Islands (UK)
Turks and Caicos Islands (UK)
Anguilla (UK)
and Cayman Islands (UK)
I save a bit for another cold winter....