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In an effort to experience as much as possible of this interesting country, I have found some highlights. Actually, I found way more interesting sights than I had anticipated! The road in-between will be an additional experience, which I appreciate as well. I arrival by bus, but explore the country by rented car.
The numbers refers to the pages in Lonely Planet's Belize 2011, and the location on the map below.
180H S. Ignacio:Hi-Et Guest House Sleep  350 m to car 27,50 BZD 17°09'29.2"N 89°04'14.5"W
180 San Ignacio Get car at Matus 17°09'21.4"N 89°04'13.6"W
176 Bullet Tree Falls village to get to El Pilar ruins 17°10'04.1"N 89°06'35.8"W
176B El Pilar ruins   17°14'53.2"N 89°08'39.3"W
178 San José Succotz Xunantunich ruins 17°05'26.2"N 89°08'29.3"W
180H S. Ignacio:Hi-Et Guest House Sleep 27,50 17°09'29.2"N 89°04'14.5"W
159 Chiquibul Road Nature. N: 17°11'31.5"N 88°58'55.9"W 17°05'15.4"N 88°58'56.8"W
159B Green Hill Butterfly Ranch with a BG . 8 mile Chiquibul Rd 17°05'32.7"N 88°58'43.1"W
159C And then up to Cristo Rey Nature. S: 17°05'15.4"N 88°58'56.8"W 17°07'52.0"N 89°03'22.7"W
163 Thousand Foot Falls 490 m WF in pine forest 17°03'36.2"N 88°50'55.3"W
163B Big Rock WF Privassion Creek WF 46 m 17°02'07.8"N 88°58'25.2"W
166 Caracol Ruins, jungle. Ranger St 9;30 in Augustoine 16°58'15.3"N 88°59'28.4"W
180H S. Ignacio:Hi-Et Guest House Sleep  27,50 17°09'29.2"N 89°04'14.5"W
180B Belize BG Belize BG Small road, far out 17°05'45.3"N 89°04'10.3"W
151 Guanacaste National Park Nature, giant G. tree 17°15'40.8"N 88°47'14.7"W
150 Nohoch Che'en Sunset cave-tubing 17°12'28.6"N 88°39'01.6"W
180H S. Ignacio:Hi-Et Guest House Sleep  350 m to car 17°09'29.2"N 89°04'14.5"W
155 Hummingbird Highway Postcard views, Barquedier WF 16°59'53.0"N 88°18'55.0"W
186 Dangriga Nice little town 16°57'57.9"N 88°13'16.1"W
186H DS Hostel Sleep 27,50  16°57'56.2"N 88°13'09.6"W
196 Mayflower Bocawina NP Nice remote park, ruins, WFs 16°55'55.0"N 88°22'57.9"W
195 Hopkins Travelers town, beach 16°51'19.8"N 88°16'52.2"W
195H Funky Dodo Sleep 29 16°51'45.7"N 88°17'03.7"W
200 Sittee River village Spectacular river 16°49'53.5"N 88°17'19.4"W
217 Red Bank village Scarlet Macaws 16°37'03.9"N 88°33'33.4"W
203 Placencia Village on peninsula, cosy 16°30'51.5"N 88°22'02.6"W
203H Anda Di Hows Hostel Sleep 30 16°30'54.4"N 88°21'54.5"W
222 Lubaantun Ruins: 16°16'54.7"N 88°57'50.5"W 16°16'56.0"N 88°57'31.3"W
221 San Pedro Columbia Kekchi Maya community 16°16'20.8"N 88°57'17.1"W
214 Punta Gorda To sleep and eat 16°05'41.7"N 88°48'23.6"W
214H Nature's Way Guest House Sleep 40 16°05'46.9"N 88°48'20.9"W
78 Gales Point Manatee Nature at coast, manatees 17°10'39.5"N 88°19'52.3"W
73 Old Belize town Just a new harbour 17°28'28.6"N 88°14'59.2"W
  Belize City North Front Street Guest House 30 17°29'50.6"N 88°11'18.5"W
68 Rancho Dolores Spider Monkey Trail: Nature 17°32'15.4"N 88°37'21.0"W
69 B Altun Ha Ruins 17°46'00.7"N 88°20'47.4"W
  Belize City North Front Street Guest House 30 17°29'50.6"N 88°11'18.5"W
69 Old Northern Highway S: 17°38'50.5"N 88°22'22.6"W. N: 18°01'13.3"N 88°32'33.3"W
71 Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary: Visitor C: 17°46'24.3"N 88°32'07.9"W
126 Orange Walk Just to sleep 18°04'54.3"N 88°33'39.2"W
126H Akihito Hotel Sleep 45 18°04'40.6"N 88°33'43.7"W
130 Lamanai Large ruin area 17°45'49.4"N 88°39'09.0"W
146 Little Belize Mennonite community village 18°12'29.7"N 88°24'18.7"W
135 Corozal Town Kind of Mexican 18°23'29.0"N 88°23'12.2"W
137 Old Market Handicraft 18°23'23.3"N 88°23'09.8"W
135B Fort Barlee Fort 18°23'29.6"N 88°23'13.1"W
135H Light House Guesthouse Sleep 50 18°23'30.5"N 88°23'17.9"W
136 Santa Rita Ruins 18°24'10.5"N 88°23'40.9"W
143 Sarteneja Fishing village, nature, Manatees 18°21'13.1"N 88°08'56.2"W
143H Backpackers Paradise Sleep 34 18°20'41.4"N 88°09'09.5"W
154 Café Casita De Amour Strange building, garden, 16,5 mile 16°59'58.4"N 88°25'26.8"W
155 Barquedier WF Barquedier WF: 17°00'24.0"N 88°26'17.8"W 17°00'16.4"N 88°26'16.8"W
180C Hi-Et Guest House Sleep 27,50  17°09'29.2"N 89°04'14.5"W
180C San Ignacio Farmes's Market Saturday - and a bit else 17°09'38.9"N 89°04'12.8"W
180 San Ignacio Return car 17°09'21.4"N 89°04'13.6"W
180C Hi-Et Guest House Sleep 27,50  17°09'29.2"N 89°04'14.5"W
  On the road to Guatemala; Flores  

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