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MAPS and PLAN  2015

 Map + Plan  


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To gain understanding of my tour, I have found some maps. This is a rough plan, and things are likely to change along as I go. In addition, I made a loop through Nepal, Bhutan and northern India, located quite close in eastern India.

14/12     6/1 12/1 28/1 3/2 12/2 ->
Nepal   Bhutan Bangladesh India Nepal Denmark

The main purpose is to find and inspect wild plants. They are scatted all over the country, and I will be look for them on the tour, which will bring me from one hot-spot to another. I also hope I will be able to see some of the plants I privately interested in: Kedrostis foetidissima, Typhonium venosum, Stemona tuberosa and Momordica cochinchinensis.

Along the route, some other sights of interest are found. There is a list of those below the maps.



DHAKA Touch-down 12/1 2015
Old Dhaka "A must"
Sadarghat boat terminal River
Ahsan Manzil, Pink Palace  
Shankaria Bazar Called Hindy Street
12. Sleep: Mejban Residence  
Central Dhaka  
National Botanical Garden of Bangladesh BG + Tissue lab! Will be build one day....
13. Sleep: Mejban Residence  
Srimangal Bird watching, nature.
Lowacherra NP Nature! Gibbons, 20 orchids
14. Tea Town Resthouse Tk300
Barisal Off the beaten track, cosy town
15. Sleep: Hotel Ababil  
To Banaripara village Village, nature
Banaripara Floating market Woops, forgot that, only saw the village
Bagerhat UNESCO-site. Ruins, Mosqus, nature.Only tomb and lake
To Khulna  
16. Sleep: Hotel Jalico  
Khulna city Base for Sunda-tours
17. Sleep: Hotel Jalico  
Sundarbans NP World's largest mangrove, nature, 3 day trip
21. Sleep: Hotel Jalico  
Khulna-Jessore-Kushtia-Natore Day of busses...
22.. Sleep: VIP Hotel Seb Plaza, Baraharispur
Natore village Places, nature
Puthia village Impressive temple, nature
23. Sleep: VIP Hotel  
24 Bogra Archaeological site
Mahasthangarh Oldest city, fort
24. Sleep: Akboria Hotel Kazi Nazrul Islam Rd
25. Paharpur UNICCO-site. Ruins, temples, nature
26. Border 1 attempt in Chilahati
27. Border 2 attempt in Banglandha

28. BUS+auto to the border to India at Hilli way down south

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