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Abkhazia (Abkhaz: Аҧсны, Russian: Абхазия) is a partially recognised state controlled by a separatist government (Unitary semi-presidential republic, it considers itself an independent state, but is only recognized by few countries), covering 8.660 square kilometres on the eastern coast of the Black Sea and the south-western flank of the Caucasus. It has 242.862 citizens, of which 60% are Christians, 16% Muslims and 8% Abkhaz native religion .
The state is situated on the eastern bank of the Black Sea, bordered on the northwest by Russia on the Psou River, near the city of Sochi, and on the east with Georgia at the Ingur River and with the Grand Caucasian Range of mountains on the north. A subtropical climate and snow covered mountains combined with beaches, caves, lakes and mountains as well as architectural and religious legacy of churches makes Abkhazia a wonder to a tourist.

30/9 As I am driving around Georgia, I planed to cross into Abkhazia and back. However, many Georgians have told me; it can't be done. Further more, the car I'm driving have Georgian plates. And accordantly to the Georgians, Abkhazia is the land of Russian bandits. Sure sound adventurous, should I succeed to cross the border.

I slept in the Georgian town of Mestia, and it should be 135 kilometres to the border. However, the road are not that smooth, and I reach the border a bit passed noon. Here are a lot of cars parked, and some people are walking further on. One donkey carriage is heading into Georgia.

I approaches the police booth, and after some time, they find one, talking English. Apparently, I can not leave Georgia before I have a Abkhazian visa, which only can be obtained on-line. The only information I could find was; it ca easily be obtained at the border. But how, if you can go there?

Anyway; the landscape after the mountains have not been worth writing about at all, and I recon it will remain unchanged until Sokhumi. I honestly doubt the effort of obtaining a visa will be worth it.

Abkhazia: A non-country that I did not get to see  - at least not this time.....

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