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Aristolochia gigantea

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The 30 centimetres large flower.

Author:  Carl Friedrich Philipp von Martius & Joseph Gerhard Zuccarini 1824
Family:  Aristolochiaceae
Habitat:     Brazil, Costa Rica, Panama
Soil:   Peat
Water:   Maximum
Sun:   Medium-Maximum
Thickness:  15 centimetres
Height:  6 meters
Flower:   Brown/White, 30 centimetres!
Propagate:   Seeds/Cuttings
Names:   Pelican Flower, Dutchman's pipe
Synonyms:  Aristolochia grandiflora,
Howardia gigantea,
Klotzsch, 1859.
Aristolochia clypeata,
Linden & André, 1870.
Aristolochia sylvicola, Standley 1925.

This member of the Aristolochiaceae family was described by Carl Friedrich Philipp von Martius & Joseph Gerhard Zuccarini  in 1824. It is found in Costa Rica and Panama, growing all year in a rich peat with lots of water and some to lots of sun. The vines will reach for six meters. The extreme large flowers are brown and white.

I have hoped for a caudex!