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Abies nordmanniana

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Growing X-mess trees is a big business!

Grown in a lab by somatic embryogenesis.

Do form nice trees within few years.

Author: Édouard Spach 1841
Family:  Pinaceae
Habitat:   Georgia, Russian Caucasus, Turkey
Soil:   Mix - Peat
Water:   Medium
Sun:   Medium
Thickness:  220 centimetres
Height:  12-60 (85) meters
Flower:   Green
Propagate:   Seeds
Names:   Nordmann Fir
Synonyms:  Picea nordmanniana, Loudon.
Pinus nordmanniana,

Abies nordmanniana subsp. equi-trojani, Coode & Cullen.

This member of the was given this name by
Édouard Spach in 1841. It is found on the steep slopes around the Black Sea in Russian Caucasus, Georgia and Turkey, growing in a well drained acid mix or peat with some water and some sun. The tree can grow to 60or even 85 meters height, and the stem can get more than two meters in diameter. 

The species is named after Alexander von Nordmann (1803-1866), Professor of Botany at Odessa.

How most people see the Normann Fir.

The normal way to reproduce - except the cones normally appear rather high .